Please help...Weed PAWS or something worse?


Postby Unususal » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:22 am

Hello everyone!
It has been 6 months since I stopped smoking and started to experience PAWS.
I am coming back in order to report on my current state and give you hope regarding your healing.
I was in a really really bad place in the beginning of 2020.
Horrible instrusive thoughts, fears of beign seriously ill, paranoid, insomnia...
I was so scared that something is seriously wrong with me that I paid an expert to undertake a schizophrenia test.
The results assured me that I am not ill and that I just have to take my time to heal.
I also started going to a psychologist.
In the beginning she was totally dismissing the possibility that PAWS is causing my issues.
Last week she actually told me that I should stop visiting her and that she is now considering the possibility that my condition was caused by a hormonal disbalance in my brain, cause she could not find any other issues during the 4-5 months of treatment.
Today I feel almost completely healed..sometimes I still get racing thoughts and start to worry, but way less than before.
Still going to the gym..still taking care of my diet, but I also started partying and drinking again.
Nothing too hard..but a few drinks with friends did not trigger paws.
I actually feel better than I felt while smoking pot and i think it is due to the training and healthy diet.
I started to bulk up and friends are commenting that I look way better than before :)
I hope my sleep will also continue to improve.
There are still nights were I only get 5 hours or less, but most nights I am sleeping 7-8 hours.
Another good thing is that nightmares are completely gone.
I didnt smoke since I ve started to experience paws and probably never will...
I am still around the same friends that are regular smokers, but I really dont care.
I am way more productive without it and honestly not feeling the need to smoke.
Dont know what I would do without this forum..It really helped during the difficult times.
Hope I can give back by posting from time to time.
Please write/ really helped me during hard times..
Stay strong everyone
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