Voice loss after quitting weed?

Postby gogertie » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:27 pm

I've had several go-rounds with quitting weed in the last few years. The longest stint was 9 months

My most recent was 5 months and then I went 4 months back on. Now I'm back to about 45 days quit. Quitting is so miserable, I always feel like I never want to start again when I'm in the first few months.

Having quit several times, I'm starting to notice a pattern: first 30 days I'm extremely lethargic and unmotivated, almost catatonic. I just have nothing in me and feel very FLAT. Could sleep for hours. Very weird, vivid and fascinating dreams.

Second month: Insomnia, hunger, starting to make a small dent in things that have been neglected, anger, fits of rage. Days of hollow-headed feeling...as if I woke up from a nap and need to smoke to make it go away.

But here's a new one that I experienced the last time I quit at around the 45-60 day mark and again now. I lost my voice. I'm a rather low-voiced female, and usually can just deepen my voice when I get a cold, etc. So the only two times in my life I have lost my voice, it's been when I quit smoking. I work in broadcasting, so if I have no voice, I can't work.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this...if it is truly due to quitting weed, or if it's just a coincidence it has happened. And maybe someone knows the science behind it. I'm curious!
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