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Postby CandyApples » Tue Feb 25, 2020 9:47 pm

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your replies and allowing me to vent. I find being able to finally vent and have some form of conversation about it, has helped very much. I know you all have deeper questions, and its hard for me to answer why certain things happened in the past, except that there was a control issue---and I turned a blind cheek. I concluded however there are certain things I do love about my husband that makes this all worth fighting for. Will he really listen to how I feel about this and certain things....eh, probably not...not in the sense of understanding and discussion. Will he allow me the space from these people in terms of getting it that it irks be for many reasons when certain things happen that seem contradicting, or certain ppl just are not good mo jo for me....I think he would. There is sooo much worse in life, and bigger issues that I think I just need to learn to take the hits and figure out how to roll with it, or dodge it all together. I think there will be another turning point in our marrage eventually, one where the kiddo will be grown and we will then prob decide...stick together or not. I hope we stick together, but I refuse to live out the rest of my life in a fish bowl. So I will take it day by day and in the process, trying to acknowledge my grief in regards to my dad and how that affects things, I will try not to let ppl and things get to me as much. If you all would be so kind to look up Hyper Sensitive Person ( it doesnt mean a emotional whiney person disorder haha)....it will give more insight on who I am. I have been told by 3 counselors this-----and I need to find a way to "be" in the world. My husband will never be that "side kick" like my dad was....its just not how it is, but I know he will be that person to where if my head hurts he will hold it while I sleep and right now, Im 100% certain he only has eyes for me and that is huge now in days. Just things like that. When its just him and you, its great.....when its him and certain other ppl/situations, thats where....the new territory begins. We will see. Right now Im feeling alot better and its mainly due to you all, just letting me write and write, this outlet has just been great for me. Day by day.
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