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Postby CandyApples » Wed Feb 19, 2020 7:38 pm

So let me just do you a favor, and set the following rules. You'll thank me later.

1) Do not give someone crap for their hair color, exp if there a great employee. Your little prim pre madaonna that your comparing them to more than likely is not working as hard nor is as reliable, compared to fun haired person. Please do not let that detour you. Example: some of the best EMTS and nurses I know have tattoos. Ted Bundy was clean cut and killed people.

2)Do not play the popularity card. If you want to be all cool with dude who comes into work 30mins to 3 hours late, the quiet chick who has to stay later until he decides to arrive isnt going to stay quiet for long.

3) Be Flexable. We KNOW you get to take your days off and vacation almost how you see fit, and you not clocking in bc your salary makes you forget how hard it is to come to work exactly at 8am 12 months out of the year. Also we all have lives, so please treat people how you would want to be treated.

4) If people are not comfortable in their clothes, they are not performing as good as they could be. Uniforms--fine..but keep in mind Im a girl, with a girl body so you putting me in a stiff mens shirt with a rough collar and itchy

5) 30 min lunch, is nothing. Barely time to eat and digest. Be flexable and allow us a little snack at the workspace, will ya?

6) Just because we are quiet, doesnt mean a darn thing. We are probably more focused on working and getting outta there then what you and suzy did at Roy Flemmings Friday.

7) Just because they have a degree or more experience, does not mean they are the right fit. I had a job where I had zero experience and had the person one step down from HR tell me I did waay better than the gal with 10 years experience.

8) thats all I need to say for today, gotta run :)
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Postby Candid » Sat Feb 22, 2020 9:12 am

Yep, you sound like management material.
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Postby CandyApples » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:59 am

Isnt your purpose on here to give advice instead of making sny remarks? It was a light post bc Im bored and also my opinion and I was manager material thank you and did a great job and gave it up because I didnt want to be puppetted into the ceo clone group, and felt I was happier with a job that allowed me more self expression. Whats funny is you probably ran into ppl like me in life, ppl you would judge so very quickly and make passive-aggressive remarks about, whats even funnier is that when you are in that hospital bed sick or dying later on in life, its going to be ppl like me who will be the first to hold your hand and treat you with kindness, not the ones you seem to value who are superficial and strictly by the book. I know that from experience. Thank you though for the input, gives me something to do on here.
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Postby thefool » Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:21 pm

Oomph, you're an introvert aren't you? I can tell by the length at which you've processed this whole ordeal before getting feedback from anyone.

Have you actually? Gotten feedback i mean?

1) Alright, just keep in mind that I don't want a salesrep/manager or front desk clerk with blue, green or any other "loud" color hair unless i'm in the business of fashion or rock and roll.

2) Most people divorced the popularity thing in high school... that is to say, it was a prep-class for later life in witch you get to deal with something called "social skills", and depending on your profession those skills may or may not matter a whole lot to your future success. If someone's late they should have a good reason, if not they should get a talking to. None of this however, is you concern, unless it is in fact " your job" to make it your concern. I'm guessing it's not, so... moving on?

3) Yes indeed, I take my time off whenever I want... PROVIDED that i plan approx 12-18 months ahead. If you would be willing to give me your entire vacation schedule for the next 12-18 months, within your contractually determined vacation day limits ofc, I'd be more than happy to oblige personally, and i couldn't imagine any employer taking offense to this UNLESS every single employee wants time off on the same day/week... come on people... SOMEONE needs to pick up the phone! My salary on the other hand is NONE of your concern AT ALL, and if you would like to collect my pay check I suggest you take on the additional responsibilities that are associated with that function... and no, I don't want to just "give" you the job, prove to me that you can handle it, and you'll be considered when next a position opens up.

4) Employees should always have matching clothes provided for them, this is a right that employees have... Atleast here they do. That being said, we don't shop at the same stores paris hilton does... if you think you are honestly being provided unfit clothing then you should talk to someone about this.

5) 30 min lunch is... ample... I used to make do with a 7 minute break every 3 hours (no, not AT lunch time). Now while that's definitely pushing it, I never had a problem with it because "eating" is not exactly a productive activity now is it? When at work, i like to work, not "tend to my needs". If you need more time then just talk to someone, i'm sure they'll be willing to make an exception for you depending on the way the schedule is run... maybe it's not possible. I would have no problem to you snacking on the job WITHIN REASON, and so long as it's safe.

6) Eh what? Quiet is fine, but sometimes it's not... it depends on the job.

7) Degrees don't mean crap all. I speak for myself, but I always attach educational requirements as a means to keep everyone and their uncle from trying to get in on a job they're not qualified for. I love to give training to those who actually make use of it, but i'm not going to train you to learn a whole new career... school is over, time to test your metal. It doesn't actually matter to me what your degree is, i care about your job skills, experience, how much of a fit you are. Employers with a degree fetish are morons. More than likely they are corporate puppets with no real decision making power, they are covering donkey, or they are just going to be out of business real soon. I've been in business for myself for 20+ years, no one has EVER asked me for credentials... it doesn't matter because in the end you are judged by result, not qualification. The job of the employer however is to make sure you meet a minimum level of qualification to do the job, degree's are a good measuring stick, however they have never been part of the final cut for me when trying to decide who is best for the job.

Besides... do you know why most employers ask for some kind of degree? It's because employees are plentiful... they're cheap and EVERYWHERE. They all got some kind of degree from some kind of school. Employees are like ants, there's millions of them and they're all begging for a job. Why would I pick someone who doesn't have the exact degree i'm looking for when there's literally HUNDREDS of you applying for that one job. Supply and demand... you guys are in abundant supply, I don't need to lower my standards at all, i can be as picky as i like. And it's only going to get better as time goes on. You think the job market sucks now? Wait another 10 years. You'll be begging me to work for minimum wage REGARDLESS of your degree. In 10 years i'm going to be hiring PHD's for minimum wage! It's hilarious how governments globally have NO plan for this AT ALL. Keep voting those suckers into office... daddy needs a new superyacht! :lol:

SO yeah, bottom line, i can be as picky as a like, it's an employers market. I just don't necessarily choose to be pick, since that doesn't always give me the best result.
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