Cats do the darnest things

Postby CandyApples » Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:25 pm

Light lounge,
Can we talk about this here or does it all need to be emotional/mental health related?

Why, does my cat come up to me when I sit, and reach her arm up and pull my face down and kiss me? I playfully will ignore her and there she is with her arm again :) If Im on my phone, pulls the phone away, and reaches up for my attention. I guess the question isnt why, but smart that is.

Shes much like a dog, she knows her name, follows very basic directions like no and come here/go inside. (She likes to go into the garage as I do laundry). She even , one day I just couldnt get out of bed ( I had taken 2 holistic supplements together that later I found either dropped my sugar or my BP) and anyway she kept licking and licking, pulling at my hair even. I finally got up and felt soo bad, so I ate and drank water and I was ok.

You hear about dogs, but what about cats. How are these beings who cant speak our language, Do they have the ability to understand tone, body language? Do they study us and learn? Its just amazing to me. As she lays next to me, Im like theres a soul, with a heart and a brain, just like mine, but is yet so different----yet the bond...I duno its just so interesting.

For cat lovers hope this made your day, hope to hear your stories !
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Postby CaptainLuvs » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:59 pm

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