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Postby CandyApples » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:28 pm

So we are all no strangers at the whole social distancing news ordeal. I just want to share, income loss, basic goods hard to find aside, I think this social break is what alot of us need right now. Personally I have not had a anxiety attack since, I feel more upbeat, caught my self singing while I was mopping, my kiddo is bouncing around less grumpy, my husband and I are holding hands while sleeping...its just...a weight off the shoulders. No hussle on the streets, no loud zoom zoom over and over, no crowds. Even the animals dare to venture our more, just taking a extra breath. I think people need to slow a bit down, and now hopefully know the boundaries of self space, respect ppls personal bubble a little bit more. Also granted, happy I dont have to worrying about ppl over inviting to things that you just dont want to do... I am also happy to see the good going around, mom and pop and big companies a like making masks and helping, my own family has been so supportive of eachother, friends too....just feels like things will be ok and this was a pause we all needed maybe (income and those who did get sick aside). I did get laid off as the docs office obv cant do events at the moment, which means no new clients which meant bye bye my job for a bit, but its ok...Im learning to re invent things with used items I have, cookings been fun and Im cleaning like no ones business which makes me feel productive. Kids not being at school, they will go virtual, I have the crazy task to over see that soon, but my reason to write this are you feeling? Those with anxiety and such...does anyone feel a little...better....with this worldy pause?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:35 am

What? I remember you telling me that people and communities don't come together, that people are only out for themselves and nothing more.

I'm glad you are getting to experience what I have experienced repeatedly, disaster after disaster after disaster. Sure, there are some people that are just jerks, but for the most part communities, friends, neighbors, family, and businesses come together to help each other, not tear each other apart or take advantage of one another.

Alas, that you think that some permanent change will occur is wishful thinking. Unlike you, most people are comfortable with social interaction. Most people enjoy a greater degree of hustle and bustle. When the virus has passed things will go back to how they were. The world isn't going to change for you. You are the one that must use this opportunity to adjust how you choose to see things and how you choose to interact with the world.
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