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I'm starting a record on here... I found it really helped when I stopped smoking weed... Just to have somewhere to vent and to have a log of where I've been.

When I smoke cigarettes
- i have less energy and motivation generally
- i spend a lot of time wishing I didn't smoke
- i feel dependent on nicotine and less connected with everything and everyone else
- i feel badly about the financial, health and social implications of the habit

I've stopped a few times before, most recently for a couple of months. I started again when I started a new job, although the first cigarette I had at the pub - in fact, I had a couple of spliffs that night too. I actually felt a little bit anxious, rather than enjoying the smoke. I think I smoked quite a lot, as I used to have a big tolerance which had probably given way and I overdid it... I was a bit of a kid in a sweetshop. I've got some ways to go when it comes still thinking of smoking as a treat and a reward.. When it's around and i feel dependent on it tothe point of distraction. I've built a life around not having it around and that works ok until it arrives... Maybe i could remind myself more often about how it used to make me feel when i smoked it and wanted to stop so badly and all of the improvements thst have come since i stopped.

I've just been reading a little on here, and someone had said that when you're feeling lively and productive, best to reward yourself by doing something lively and productive, rather than something like staying up all night sitting around smoking or drinking - the old way of rewarding yourself /enjoying yourself/ having time off.
Something like going for a bike ride, a hike, a yoga retreat, a swim in the sea, a spa day, a massage, a nice meal, creating music...

I'm going to seek out ways to support myself while I stop smoking, so that I can stay connected with myself and maintain new ways of being and enjoying a healthy, connected, productive life.

I've thought about hypnotherapy - there are some podcasts on spotify that I'm going to try. And there is Alan Carrs stop smoking book, which I've read before and did find useful for reframing my thinking around habits. And generally, I'm going to try and fit in more yoga and yoga nidra, to stay connected and aware.

I can always come on here though, at those odd moments where I feel static and listless, in need of venting and clarity. And comfort and space. At work on a break. At times of stress and anger.
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