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Postby tokeless » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:44 pm

Hi again,
I sense you've become too passive since you were given specific instructions by your wife. It's good you've tried, perhaps unsuccessfully to change in to what she needs. What does she give in return "I don't know".. of course she knows. I feel you are giving her total power of you, your future and your emotions and she knows that. My advice other than the working on yourself think about taking back some control. Start doing things for you too. Don't ask permission but be thoughtful. She may find this more independent you makes her think why has he suddenly become less passive? At the moment you're a fish in a barrel and going nowhere she can't get to you, if she wants to. It will at least open a dialogue where you can be honest. I don't know if you are but she definitely isn't.
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