How to overcome that pounding heart beat and shaking

Postby anewearth » Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:05 pm

Hi Everybody,

Just getting comfortable with Public Speaking has really been a journey for me, when I have to give a presentation, talk in a senior meeting or even in a speech its like my head just literally goes into animal mode and my body acts as if I have taken the latest speed drug, it's so embarrassing, the worst part is the hand shaking . This did not change even when I was giving presentations and stuff online.

The truth, what really helped me overcome it was practice , practice and more practice after then you can start to think about homing your skills, it's getting over that “fear” first which for me was the real challenge.

I like to think of it as swimming, first you have to get over the fear of the water before you can work on your olympic winning front stroke.

I really want to give something back and help people overcome this, it's become a passion of mind to try help and motivate.

So if you would like to practice a speech/Presentation or meeting with a “simulated” online audience get in touch, I can provide some tips as well. This is not a gimmick or anything, there are no costs involved.

I just want to help people get over this and you will also help me as I am working on a public speaking social anxiety online aid to allow all of us to get to enjoy the fear of public speaking.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Postby JobinThomas » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:59 pm


Thank you for sharing the post. I’m on the same boat. Anytime I have to speak up in a work meeting, my heart starts going at 100 miles per hour and I start losing my chain or thoughts because of the fear. I need a platform to practice speaking more often. What do you recommend?

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