Does the girl I like have SAD but is interested?


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You can mimic the physical signs of empathy, learn not to jump topics or dominate the conversation, and how to recognise when someone has made a significant statement about her- or himself

While I am highly empathetic internally, I display very little. I don't know, it just seems like pointless effort (and embarrassing) to fake physical emotions like shock or interest and stuff like that. Of course, without it people think I'm cold and emotionless while it's quite the contrary. I'm not against it, it just seems like more work to add to my plate just to please people. My friends even say that I have a knack for mimicking personalities and that I can act, so I use those skills in public when I have the energy (surprise, I'm also an introvert). Though, particularly women sometimes seem to have the 6th sense to sniff out that it's just a facade to seem like a neuro-typical and avoid me like the plague regardless of how I carry myself. Same goes for employers.

In conclusion, this skill has certainly helped me even before when I hadn't the idea I was autistic. Took quite a while to develop. Though, a takeaway is that I didn't realize I actually dominate conversation with my friends. Makes sense why they stop listening to me. I deeply struggle with keeping a balance of quiet with friends and talkative with strangers.

A nursing friend told me it's as though people with aspergers (mostly male, for some reason) have two heads

It certainly seems that way sometimes. I find myself telling myself to "shut-up, do more, think less" because of how much stuff is constantly running through it, even analyzing minor scenarios that have long passed or have no relevance to anything to anyone. In the best case-scenario, I end up teaching myself something I hadn't known before (which are also sometimes moments something just "clicks" by putting two connections together, and it ends up assisting me greatly like figuring out how to properly drive a car or understanding economics). Worst case, I've probably ended up wasting 3 hours doing nothing but think. It also interferes with falling asleep, but listening to sounds of rain usually helps.

Does any of that sound like you?

Certainly. Not all of it, but most of it. As opposition, I'm more liberal to trying foods and flavors unless it's whole animal parts like feet or heads. No thanks. That might be a cultural influence.

You may be able to find it online. This might help: (link removed due to spam checker)

The "yess" out-weigh the "nos", though I won't say I'm surprised. I'm usually right when I want to be wrong. I've kind of come to terms with it anyway.

Thank you for the conversation and generally helping people here, it's therapeutic (at least to me). I wish you and your husband a wonderful day!
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