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This was the most important step I learned - the hard way. It took me many years to learn it. Strangely, adopting a fairly wild and insecure German Shepherd Dog really taught me a lot about acceptance. That is, dogs will love you unconditionally, despite your defects. Dogs will see beyond mere appearance and seek out a deeper bond.

The thing about self image is that ultimately self belief must be a personal, relaxed decision. You accept yourself with the knowledge you have many flaws. I can list my own. They are not pleasant but, then again, I have my good points too.

Where we really go astray is when we become pressured to be what society imposes. Such as successful, rich, a winner and so forth. Expectations are forced on you to pass exams, date attractive girls, drive a big car.

Personally, that isn't what mattered to me, although that took some years to work out. So far as education goes, that too was a personal desire to learn on my part and not just cramming to pass an exam.

At some point I heard of Jiddu Krishnamurti who was a popular Indian philosopher in the 1970s. Note, he was not a cult leader but simply a philosophy figure. His philosophy was based on the need to find yourself. There was even a film made starring David Carradine called The Silent Flute. Anyway here are some quotes:

"In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself. "Krishnamurti

"Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves." Nichola Tesla

"It is not people who break ethical standards who are regarded as aliens. It is people like me who are isolated." Grigory Perelman
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Everyone has a purpose and a destiny, my purpose of destiny is defined in listening to others and finding people that want to listen.
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Prycejosh1987 wrote:Everyone has a purpose and a destiny, my purpose of destiny is defined in listening to others and finding people that want to listen.

Finding yourself is tough to do. It means essentially daring to be who you really are. 98 per cent of people cannot let go of what others want them to be. I was shocked to discover that even highly esteemed science researchers will change their opinion on a point of contention, if their status is boosted. That is, "fitting in" matters more than the subject they study. Finally, I understood why mathematician Grigory Perelman broke off connections with the international maths community.
To explain this better, "individuality" is important because your knowledge of a subject becomes honest and principled. It shouldn't alter to court popularity or play second best to social pressures. It should only change due to impersonal analysis and truth-seeking.
Being yourself requires total honesty and willingness to view yourself pragmatically.
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The meaning of life has many afferent explanations depending on the concept of what the person or group that looked for its meaning where trying to accomplish.
I did not have any political or religious preconception. I entered into the search for the meaning with an open mind. I did not know the answer. I did not know the answer to any of the questions.
When you are solving a problem you must look at it without having any preconceived idea of an answer to that problem. You must clear your mind of everything you know about the subject. Remember that previous theories, assumptions and facts could be wrong.
Reassess everything with an open mind. Do not make a conclusion to what the answer is until you have looked at the problem from every possible prospective. You must then look at it in every possible way for every possible answer. Once you have run out of different answers than look at why you came up with those answers. Reassess every answer, dissect every answer, combine every answer.
Remember the problem might have more than one correct answer or the correct answer might be a combination of the different answers that you have come up with.
If you try to solve a problem with an open mind the true answer will reveal itself.
To know the meaning you need to try to understand what life is, where it came from, what it is made of, how it sustains itself, how does it reproduce, does it die or is it immortal, where does it exist.
Life is everywhere from deep space to the deepest cave. It can adapt to any environment given time and that is its strength and its weakness it takes time to adapt.
Life as we know it comes in many shapes and forms determined by the environment it adapted to. From the extremophile that can live anywhere that its molecular bonds aren't broken to the blue whale that can only live in salt water.
Where did life come from. If you take the theory of the universe's creation from a big bang than it was created from an explosion. Was the universe created from a soup of matter and antimatter in which a bubble of matter formed than it was created by a bubble. Was the universe created inside a singularity than it was created by a singularity or a combination of any or all of them or none of them or god. Scientists don't know they just make theories based on incomplete data and an interpretation of there and other people's research and beliefs and that is all anyone can do.
The universe is both infinite in size and time. It always has been and always will be. It is just the arrangement of what is in it that changes.
As is now known light doesn't travel at a constant speed it can be slowed down therefor also speed up. So it is not a good indicator of whether an object is moving away or towards us. It can also be bent. One of the ways to find a black hole is look for light in the shape of a crescent rather than a point of light. Background radiation proves there was a big bang but doesn't prove it created the universe just that there was a big bang in our part of it. A singularity could form anywhere that doesn't mean it created the universe.
Every time we invent new technology to look deeper into the universe we discover more galaxies some are so far away that they must be traveling faster than the speed of light if they where part the creation of the universe. Some galaxies are even accelerating due to dark matter. Some are on a collision course with each other. Others have collided. As our technology improves so does the age and size of our universe
The universe is constantly changing creating new opportunities for life
The truth is that no human knows how or if the universe was created so know human knows how or if life was created. We just know it exists and as far as we know it needs a universe to live in.
Life needs an energy source to exist either light, heat or matter in any or all combinations.
Life divides to reproduce the amount of times it can divide is determined by its adaptation to its environment so it is immortal but it can die.
Life can need more than one to be immortal and die at the same time
Life is made up of everything. There are gaps in our periodic table we haven't discovered every element yet but i can guarantee life has and is using them to sustain itself because it will adapt to any environment given time.
Life is that which creates itself and others.
The meaning of life is 'adapt to the environment'. If it doesn't adapt it will cease to exist and it has to exist to have a meaning. An adaptation must happen for evolution to not just be replication. An adaptation without a purpose is unlikely to succeed wasting time and resources.
we are all unique adaptations to our own unique environment. we think, feel, smell, see, hear, taste, touch, react, respond, remember, read, understand, comprehend and learn everything differently to everyone else.
i think therefore i am. we can change our adaptation and or our environment for better or worse any time we choose.
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