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Postby davidbanner99@ » Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:45 pm

Not sure why I wanted to do this experiment but the idea was to just inject some humour.

I bought a toupee online for ten dollars. It was intended as a laugh to have fun after 5 hours a day studying maths. It arrived from China and I put it on.

Reaction-wise this has been an educational, psychological experiment. Some people said they thought it looked great. Others told me it made me look ridiculous. Some thought it was OK but needed a bit of combing.

Out to the street I went. Passing strangers didn't seem to notice. Not a flicker. No wig jokes, hoots or sniggers.

Finally I got better at adjusting "the piece". Today I called in my old local store and crept up on two female friends. They didn't recognise me at first. Took a couple of minutes. I suffer from facial agnosia so it was funny to see others struggle. The two women concluded the hairpiece was pretty good.

Really, it is just a joke but I can state these cheap toupees are really a serious deal. I know William Shatner wore his in StarTrek and think that was an expensive piece. Nowadays they are probably out of fashion.
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