2 years clean


Postby Gerre » Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:11 pm

tokes wrote:ACTH levels 54.0 pg/ml. Normal levels 7-63.3 pg/ml
Cortisol 16.8 ug/ml Normal levels 6-18 ug/ml

So kinda in the high section, but medically speaking, normal.
ECG and ultrasound showed normal heart functionality.
Was given a beta-blockers. I've never liked taking medication but I am really getting sick and tired of these heart palpitations now, that I have to take them.

@Gerre may I message you via telegram or reddit?

I dont have telegram but reddit sure, ; Gerre568 on reddit
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Postby tokes » Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:11 pm

3 years 4 months clean.

At this point its literally just autopilot, i've dabbled a couple time with other drugs such as coke or mdma and even then I reject weed. It's something I automatically reject even in moments when perhaps my decision making processes are swayed towards seeking out pleasure.

With it being the summertime and wanting the enjoy freedom that has finally been 'given back' to us i've consumed a fair amount of alcohol. I no longer feel anxiety or other PAWs related symptoms the next day. The heart palpitations are still a background occurrence but I attribute them to nicotine intake - i still smoke lots of cigarettes everyday.

I've taken up boxing and walking. My diet has been lacking but I take ample amount of supplements such as vitamin c, zinc, spirulina, reservatrol, fish oils and oregano oil.

I've spoken to lots of young people I know and tell them about the heart palpitations I have, funnily enough everyone seems to have them. I am talking about those who still dabble in the occasional use of recreational drugs - they also all smoke. It's quite interesting to see how many people also suffer from the same annoyance. Like I said, the doctors have said all is fine and I recently got a few more tests and still absolutely nothing. So it is related to nicotine intake and perhaps the occasional use of other stimulants. When I stopped smoking for 6 weeks recently they all subsided.

Still struggle with ED, but a daily dose of 2.5mg of tadafadil fixes that. This problem is also something I attribute to smoking.

There is nothing else really to write in terms of PAWs. I don't have it, nor do I feel any lasting effects from it. Being social and engaged with others is a skill that can be relearned, confidence can be gained through sport and mental sharpness through reading and learning. The brain is a muscle and it should be trained, nothing will just "go back to normal" because you stopped smoking weed, you have to assist your brain and body in going back to what you would consider "normal" function.

Take care all
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