Psychological trick to stick to a plan

Postby tsorab » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:39 pm

One of my commitment is to hit the bed by 10.30 pm. Last night I was studying and got too involved. I reminded it’s time for bed and nothing stopping me to carryover it tomorrow. But the compulsion was so strong that I continued till 1 pm.

Similarly I often get involved with exercise(bike, hike, rarely weights) too long on some days. On others, I get too absorbed by a project that I end up missing my workout.

On some projects I have digressed to dive so deep that it wasn’t relevant anymore, and it almost cost my job. Like I am making a presentation about TV program scheduling but somehow got into aspect of transmission way deep into particle physics.

Part of the problem could be my deep held belief. Since childhood I have been suggested importance of study. I developed high regards for my health after some experiences. Perhaps I hold many things in high regards but discipline and routine despite of accepting the fact it’s practical and productive. Also it’s evident, because I didn’t have a good sleep last night, I am irritable, not productive and not much interested in the same study today. Tomorrow(or next week) I will recover but again may give into another impulse.

I may also have a fear that I may not have the same flow(enthusiasm) tomorrow.

In conclusion I have a bad tendency of overdoing tasks. I am looking for both a philosophical and psychological foundation to enable my sincerity to schedule and keep a fine balance between priorities and pleasure.

Anything, suggestions, references to books, articles will help.

PS: I was unable to find any good suggestions from google.
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