Marijuana Withdrawal


Postby HDog455 » Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:40 pm

HisokaMorow wrote:Yes this happens to me everytime I try to quit weed. That's why I couldn't quit because everytime I stop I have a very bad experience. Just stopped 2 days ago and now I suddenly felt dizzy like the world turned upside down. Which triggered my anxiety because for me getting dizzy is the number 1 trigger of my anxiety. I also experience digestive issues when I stop smoking. I always wondered if smoking weed is better for my body since whenever I stop I experience hell. Sorry for not being a help to your post. I also just want answers on what to do, it's killing me.

I used to think that smoking weed was good for me because it stopped the withdrawal symptoms but that is the classic flawed mindset of most addicts. You and I know perfectly well deep down that this way of thinking is total B.S. Just keep these three things at the forefront of your mind. 1. Positive attitude. 2. Healthy eating. 3. Lots of cardiovascular exercise.
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Postby Dale_znovic » Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:03 am

if you cannot get rid of this a theraphist might help you to get rid of the problem
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Postby HDog455 » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:29 am

Dale_znovic wrote:if you cannot get rid of this a theraphist might help you to get rid of the problem

You might be lucky enough to find a therapist who knows enough about cannabis addiction to be able to offer anything more than the usual B.S. IMHO I believe that the advice posted on this forum by ex-addicts, addicts who have successfully kicked their habits for good, is streets ahead of what most so-called professionals are dishing out in exchange for large fees.
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Postby Ghostnomore » Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:22 am

Hello, so glad to have found this site. I am 23 year former marijuana smoker, off and on but mostly on. Have hid it from my relationships although I'm almost sure my fiance suspects I use. Anyways had a really bad attack in June 2020. Was smoking high concentrate THC oil, and even these may have not been the real thing as these were bought on the black market

Decided to quit in June(quit vaping nicotine vapes in March due to covid)...immediatelybegan obsessive crying for days. Also had porn addiction that would tie in to smoking. Stopped everything and began crying obsessively.

In August something terrifying happened; I usually speak to my GF daily and there was a blackout due to the storm in her area. I had terrible thoughts she was hurt and went to check on her. I do not drive and live in NYC, she lives in suburbs of long Island.

Took hour ride near her house by train and 5 mile bike ride after I got off train to her house. Her expression was shock as I've never done this before. Was crying on the way there(cried 2 weeks after I stopped the oils BTW, 2 weeks daily, couldn't even speak sometimes) we are 7 months later and almost daily I still have unwanted repetitive thoughts about her being harmed or my family being harmed. Live very close to her now, a bike ride away...the ocd ebbs and flows. Have had thoughts of harming myself as the mental pain is too great sometimes.

Just want to return to normalcy, have not taken any medication or have seen a therapist...sometimes I feel like things were better when I was smoking the oils. Have had ocd episodes now that I think about it over the years, but never like this. Any advice is appreciated thank you for reading I know it's long
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Postby Newlid » Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:38 am

Day 64 .
Delighted . No return for me I’m through . Sleeping well . I feel normal .

However , and this is the only down side . I realise now that I wasn’t that f***ed up at all from it . My function has not increased , as I had a good handle on things anyway and was always a smoke at night guy , never a wake and bake .

I train myself hard and work hard , so I was always sweating the stone out of me before I had to make work decisions .

I am sleeping way better now . And am less paranoid . That’s about it .
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Postby OuroborosForever » Fri May 21, 2021 7:47 pm

Hypnic Jerks were horrible. I went to the ER because it was so bad. No sleep for days. Nonstop waking up. They had to give me an opiate to sleep. Other than that I needed my loved one to rub my head or something. I find that the hypnic jerks only set in if you're withdrawing from concentrates. For me. Normal weed usage is much easier for me to stop.
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