Love is not enough. Do You Agree?

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Love is not enough and the incorrect understanding of love does not make our lives beautiful. Sometimes our lives fall into a hole and always suffer pain. On the other hand, understanding correct love makes your life more beautiful. Read this article if you are in a romantic process.

Is love enough?
Love is a miracle and powerful experience. At the beginning of each visit, every dialogue and every moment of life seems very true and dreamy, but once this fascination and attraction becomes a species of love for the relationship, we will face new challenges and difficulties arising from the relationship.

Days have passed for weeks and years, and we ask ours themselves, is this person right for us?

If you have ever thought about someone and plan to marry them, be sure to ask yourself the above question before you have established a relationship.

Love in counseling sessions
I hear the following questions every day during counselling sessions. In fact, a lot of people are struggling with the problems mentioned in the text below.

I love my fiancée, but I'm afraid to marry her. What do I do if I lose interest in him a few years later?
I have been married to a woman for three years. But I will not get along with his children. Do you think this relationship will have a good end?
My wife and I are constantly arguing, and she refuses to go to the family counselor, and the emotional and sexual attractions between us are gone. I love him and I don't want our kids to get hurt by this. I feel miserable how can I make sure I have made the right decision before I separate from her?
Recently divorced and out of a painful relationship, I'm looking for the right wife to share my life with. But I'm afraid to enter a new relationship, I'm afraid my heart will break. How do I know who's right for me?

I understand the pain and problems of these people and have studied and researched this subject for many years.

Sometimes it happens that we meet someone and convince ourselves that he is the person in question, but because of the misunderstanding after a few years this marriage and relationship leads to failure, the question is, is love enough to build a relationship?

To answer this question, we first examine some topics.

How is choosing a future spouse correct?
We want to feel happy in life and our marriage will eventually be good and romantic. This occurs when we choose someone who suits us and doesn't hurt our feelings.

Now the point is that many of us choose the wrong person and then think about why our marriage fails.

Have you ever had the following thoughts about your marriage?
How was I so blind?
Why didn't I open my eyes and make a realistic choice?
I was sure I would have a successful marriage this time, but where was it wrong?
The first time and at first glance was amazing, but now I can't stand it, why?
All the evidence suggests that I wasn't interested in him, so why am I married to him by ignoring myself?
We loved each other very much but we didn't agree on anything, we always had arguments.
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