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Postby tokeless » Mon Feb 15, 2021 6:54 pm

So, I'm a sheep because I question what you say? Sheep tend to follow blindly, so asking questions tends to not be sheep like behaviour. People who don't like to be questioned are cult like in their mindset... no other options are available to them. So, the fact you haven't provided anything to back up your somewhat outlandish statement other than a psychic type person.... mmmm, I'm guessing you have none. Enjoy your altered perception world... you clearly took the red pill.
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Postby thegreatdane » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:23 pm

"Psychic type person" That sums it up haha, extremely close minded man :) Lets agree to disagree, not here to spread bad vibes. Have a nice day brother.
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Postby PAWSsurvivor » Thu Feb 18, 2021 12:54 pm

I am sold now that PAWS is simply an anxiety condition. I am going to thank Tokeless and Richard for helping me to realize that. I know communication on a message board with people who have a disrupted nervous system is not easy, espcially as I have been afflicted with this. This is a very very difficult topic to discuss with any accuracy.

Anxiety isn't even a good enough word for what PAWS is. Maybe a better description is "nervous system arousal"or "hypersensitive nervous system" or "Nervous illness". I'm not going to use the scary medical system terms because they are too hyperbolic and only add to anxiety.

The more you learn about anxiety states, the more you realize even if weed was the trigger, the solution is the same. You just need to ride the waves (float through them and accept them without resistance), and give it lots of time. Do this and they eventually fade away.

I think TheGreatDane gave it enough time, and also had faith in something (exercise, other theories) that it was enough to give his nervous system breathing room and heal him with enough time. He took the stress off himself and gave himself a narrative of recovery and hence slowly healed. (Congrats by the way, your story has helped me in my darkest hours)

I'm meeting people who have had major physical anxiety from all sorts of triggers. Death of loved ones, cumulative life stress, I even heard a story of someone drinking too many red bulls! In the end the cure is the same, just ride the waves and give it time. We all over did it with weed and then our nervous system just said "enough".

If you want education, go to the original source which I found. Dr. Claire Weeks solved the anxiety problem over 50 years ago. Why she is not referred to by medical professionals beyond my understanding. I wish someone had given me her book over a year ago. Though I may not have believed it. I think we get hung up on as "Weed" being the trigger. As I've learned in my anxiety group meetings though, there's nothing that makes my case special

PS. I'm employing her techniques and DARE techniques and I'm doing alot better. Both physically and in my attitude toward my symptoms. Now I just simply say "So what" or "Whatever" and keep moving along with my days. :D It's simple but not easy. Good luck everyone with your healing journeys!
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