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Postby brandon1977 » Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:00 pm

My name is Brandon. I'm 43 with two young kids. My current relationship is on the rocks. Done maybe.

I've had some issues my whole life that I've kind of swept under the rug. I realize now that they have severely impacted every aspect of my life. Closeness issues, severe anxiety, depression, social awkwardness, anger.

I may also have "daddy issues". Never really thought about that till now. I had a step dad growing up but never knew my real dad. I was young when I found out my step dad wasn't my real dad. I never really thought about that much. I kind of blew it off. But I think at that moment a switch flipped in me and screwed me up more then I imagined. Because after that I never treated my step dad the same ever again. Also, my dad was a loser. My biological dad. Drug problems since he was 11 I found out. He didn't amount to much and the more I find out the more I see we have similar personality problems. His side had a history of addiction and alcohol. But I've never really had a problem with any of that.

That's kind of my background. The anxiety and depression has haunted and plagued me my whole life.

I tried zoloft a few years ago but quit. I have another appointment coming up with the psychiatrist real soon.

I'm just having a real hard time in life and I'm ready to make changes. Please reply.
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Postby desperate788 » Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:33 pm

I would wish i dont have a father at all thats an other story. I cant figure out how i can help you a cliche is trying meditation but you already heard that i cant do that due to mental deficits. It seems Best help may come from psychiatrist. To my opinion drugs are superior then therapy if you dont have a messed up brain like mine. I have tried zoloft to with no effect now im taking silunex proved a bit help i think. All i can say is your best bet is psychiatrist in this circumstantes .
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