Brain fog and fatigue

Postby fightpaws » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:50 pm

Trying to keep it as short as possible. I quitted about 6 months ago and is has been an absolute hell. I thought i had some horrible diseases but i’m all checked out and as many others here nothing was found. Now I am 99% sure i’m suffering from paws.

The worst of the worst symptoms are gone now but now I suffer from extreme fatigue and weird brain fogs. It feels like my brain is squeezed and I can’t think straight. It’s really frustrating and scary because I feel really really weird sometimes. Sometimes I have these brain fog ‘attacks’ where i can’t even properly speak and I stutter and mix up words. This is so embarrassing because I’m sitting at the dinner table and I can’t even keep up with a normal conversation. It also feels like i have a headache 24/7 sometimes worse than others. I have the feeling this gets way way worse when i’m hungry. I don’t know if this is related but I feel like I have to eat on time because otherwise my head starts to “shut down”.

Sometimes I feel a painfull stab at the the side of my head which hurts really bad for 3seconds and than fades away. Luckily this doesn’t happen everyday but it’s scary.

I am a bit paranoid sometimes. As example I was walking around yesterday in the evening and had the feeling I was followed. I was getting pretty paranoid and I turned around to go home after only 8 minutes or so. This is quite weird because I’m normally not scared in the evening of anything. I love the silence on the streets and it gets my head clear after work. But it didn’t give me the relaxation it usually gives.

My diet is pretty clean and I lift weigths 3-4 times a week. I try to get at least 20 minutes of outside walking/cycling a day.

It’s all so strange to me. If i play soccer with friends and i’m active I don’t feel anything but if I’m sitting with them at a table having a normal conversation my head gets ‘stuck’ and have trouble making normal sentences and I am just not in the conversation. My head just shuts down and I get this really uncomfortable feeling in my head. Like somebody squeezes it.

I have tried all these psychological tricks my psychologist told me but it doesn’t do a single thing about these weird brainfog/headaches. And because of these brainfog/headaches my anxiety gets way worse. And it’s clearly because of the brainfogs not the other way around.

I haven’t heard many stories with this as primary problem so I am not sure if I have to go to the neurologist. I didn’t had these symptoms as bad 3 months ago so I didn’t get my head checked out.

I’m 18 y/o and quitted after 3/4 years of daily smoking. I’m just so done with it friends try to plan vacations with me but I can’t book vacations when I’m this mess. It’s just work exercise and some rarely meetings with friends if my body/ head allows me.

Sorry for this rant with bad english I tried my best.
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Postby SparkleFly12 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 7:47 pm

Hi @fightpaws,

You sound like you're experiencing something very, very similar to what I went through when I first quit. Check out my thread below, if you want to read my (almost daily, initially) ranting and updating on symptoms:

I had the same problems you have, with varying intensity compared to you. It is rare - most people suffer from depression/anxiety, but I (and it seems you) have physical headache. The things that stand out to me in your post that are similar to my symptoms:

-Brain fog, inability to think, inability to put words together (stuttering); I had moderate symptoms and was still coherent but I stumbled a lot

-Headache - If you look through my thread you see I described it as "clamps squeezing my head" in all directions. Sounds the same as you. I had an incredibly intense headache initially; that got a little better each month and lasted overall almost 2 years.

And yes, It got a lot worse when I was hungry, just like you. Im pretty sure I wrote that somewhere in one of my posts.

For me, the brain fog started to lift at the 6-8 month mark; but I had other symptoms as well (insomnia, sore muscles, to name a few). The headache slowly got better over almost 2 years. By 1 year, it was no longer intense; but it was noticeable most of the second year. It seems to have completely gone away now, around the end of the second year.

As for you randomly getting scared out of nowhere - I suspect that could be from anxiety. I had mild/moderate anxiety which made me really not enjoy things and I couldnt tell why. The anxiety wasnt overwhelming, but it just made me feel off and scared all the time.

Cheers, I hope that your brain recovers faster than mine, but I can say with certainty that I have gone through what you are going through, and it does get better with time.
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