Weed PAWS and pelvic floor dysfunction

Postby Exstonerchick » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:32 am

Greetings all! This post/question is a bit delicate and specifically for the ladies who are going through weed PAWS.

Not long after quitting weed 3 1/2 months ago I developed some incredibly uncomfortable sensations in my female bits. It started off barely imperceptible like tiny nerve tingles but over the past few weeks it’s evolved into full blown fire. Although I’m seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist, I’ve yet to find an OBGYN who can put a name on it. It’s definitely some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction, possibly pudendal neuralgia, nerve entrapment, PGAD, or something along these lines.

I know men who give up weed often develop erectile dysfunction, and there are forums everywhere online about women who go off SSRIs and develop horrible pelvic floor problems. I’m wondering if the same might be true for women going off weed. All the mess we’ve made depleting the dopamine might affect the part of the brain that controls sexual/genital function. Or it could be a stress/anxiety response manifesting physically. My PT has dealt with many women who have these issues due to SSRIs but none with weed. However I’m convinced cannabis has something to do with this because I’ve never had problems with the kitty before quitting.

Anyone out there going through a similar thing? Thanks for your candor ladies!
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