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iHatePaws94 wrote:Hey man thanks for sharing your story. I'm at almost 9 months and am still having a difficult time. It's encouraging to know that these next few months might be a turning point for me. But yeah I agree that this suffering is turning me into a compassionate person as well. I always viewed people with anxiety problems and depression as weak. But now that I've been there myself I feel like a POS for ever thinking that. But yeah I've been trying to train myself into seeing paws as a blessing not a curse. At then end of this thing we're all going to be stronger people because of it. I've heard from people who have recovered that nothing bothers them anymore because nothing is anywhere near as bad as paws. They view every day with good health as a blessing and stop taking things for granted. When faced with adversity we can either let it destroy us or we can get stronger and evolve into better versions of ourselves. Glad you been feeling better! Keep up the fight and keep us posted on your progress.

I am sorry for not responding earlier, didn’t see your message earlier. Month 9 to 12 definitely had major improvements!

It’s cool that you say you thought people with anxiety were just weak, I had exactly the same issue. However, even though I rationally know that people with anxiety aren’t just weak, and that I should show compassion to them. I still catch myself naturally being impatient and ridiculous to them (when feeling great myself).

I think it is in our primal nature to dislike stressed and fearful people. As these personality traits are often associated with weaker people at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Weak men didn’t provide as much resources or protection as strong men while however greatly increasing the chances of
mistakes regarding the group’s survival.

I think it is unnecessary to act on that irritation, but the thought of it is natural I believe.

I totally agree with you on PAWS being a blessing. In the end, what would have happened if we did not get punished for our mistakes. It would only led us to making more mistakes. In my case, I would never have quit the use of substances so drastically without consequences like this. In a way I am glad that I learned the value of health so early in life. Nothing will be worse than PAWS. I hope you too have good luck in your recovery brother!
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