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Postby JohnDoe123 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:32 pm

I I quit smoking weed 6 weeks ago This Friday, and thought I was out. I’m an old hippie, who smoked for fifty years, not continually, long periods without, raising kids, 5-6 years off at a time, and was never an all day smoker until about 10 years ago, when I retired, and it became habit, just because I could. But I almost quit getting high, as my tolerance increased, and, of course the weed is so much better, and I vapes mostly the last 10 years. I ’d try to quit other times, and get to 4-5 weeks, with all the usual symptoms, insomnia, vivid dreams, anxiety, etc. With me, those seemed to peak at about week 3-4, then level out, and I’d feel GOOD! All it took was one toke, and I’d be back into the old habit. This time feels different, as its about my 5th try, and my longest, and my commitment level is higher than ever, I NEVER want to go through this again!

My problem is, I’ll have a few great days, then horrific nightmares, waking up with that sense of doom, headache, all day anxiety, waves of racing thoughts, some visual disturbances, light headed ness, some days it goes away in a few hours, others, like today, it lasts all day. The night sweats are gone, I have no desire at all to smoke ever again, but I’ve never been this far into it, and it’s scary! Past attempts, I’d feel great at 4 weeks. This time, the really bad anxiety, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, panic attacks, crazy dreams, where I’d wake up still dreaming almost, hit like a freight train about two weeks ago(4 weeks without weed) and lasted for about 10 days, now they’ve tapered off, until yesterday and today. Three or four days were absolute hell, like I couldn’t stop my thoughts racing, and that horrible sense of impending doom. I thought I was done with symptoms a week ago, then, boom a bad day again.

I’ve read a bunch, sounds like raging PAWS, but scary still. I’m pretty healthy, never stopped working out, eat pretty well, don’t drink much, and just trying to keep my body healthy while I go through this.

A question may be, when do I seek professional help? I haven’t yet, nor even told anyone, except my toking buddies, that I’ve quit. I don’t feel depressed, just anxious and panicky when it hits. Everywhere I read assures me PAWS isn’t life threatening, it only feels like it! I recently had my annual physical, all was excellent, blood pressure was up some, but I was already three weeks without cannabis. Is that a normal symptom, too?

The only thing I take to sleep is an occasional Tylenol PM, and Chamomile tea, which does seem to help. It’s just so frustrating because I don’t know when a bad night is going to be! I’ll have a great day, little or no symptoms, then wham! One or two days where I almost feel crazy. Unless I’m too exhausted, I just plow on through them, as it takes my mind off the symptoms.

Any of this sound familiar? Does it get keep getting better?!! Just looking for some real time moral support. Thanks much.
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Postby desperate788 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 5:15 pm

From my experience chamomile doesnt help sleep i read one study claiming it even worsens sleep it may help relaxation but havent noticed anything yet. I still drink it though cos it doesnt contain caffeine.
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Postby Hayhay123 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:56 am

Hi JohnDoe123,

I’m at around the same mark as you right now I quit cold turkey about 7 weeks ago now and I can say I have all the same symptoms you do!

I went to my doctor and she reassured me that the anxiety heightens all these feelings such as the headaches, high bp, dizziness etc it’s all apart of the process...?

From reading posts on here I’ve realised that it’s kind of a one step/one day at a time kind of thing where we have good days and bad days..just remember our bodies are healing and it’s all worth it in the end!! I find the YouTube channel “therapy in a nutshell” has been extremely helpful for me in managing my anxiety/panic attacks the key to it is knowing how to manage/control it as anxiety is all created within and it’s our bodies response to a dangerous situation even if there isn’t one. Basically we’re all out of whack and the brain is slowly staring to fix itself.

I find that chamomile tea helps for sleep too!! Its also calming for the mind and body too you could also try peppermint tea or green tea they’re also good for calming and anxiety or so I’ve read but I’ve tried them and they work for me! Remember what works for one person may not work for you. Everyone’s process is different but I think forums like this help tremendously!!

How are you doing now? I see it’s been about a month since you posted this, Hope your doing a lot better! Hang in there were all on a new path to recovery :)
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Postby JohnDoe123 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:25 pm

Wow, cosmic! I was doing pretty well, until last night, which was AWFUL! Horrible nightmares again, ALL night long, ears ringing, headache, pressure behind my eyes, and the ever present feeling of impending doom was back. Then, I wake up to your reply, and some say there is no God! Your encouraging words were exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

I'm now at 11 weeks clean, and every day is better. Lately, I've felt a perpetual malaise feeling, just tired all the time, and insomnia has returned. I figure the tired feeling is from the sleep disturbances, and I try to remain active, working out, meditating, which seem to be the two most often mentioned ways of managing symptoms in the PAWS videos and blogs. From everything I read, just when you think you're out of the woods, you get hit with another round of symptoms. I was beginning to question if it's worth it, although I know it is. I keep reminding myself of all the benefits of being without marijuana, and asking myself, "What were the good things pot ever gave me?" Umm, nothing.

My foggy brain has returned this last week, difficulty recalling well known names and events, like I know the thoughts are there, I just can't access them, which can be frightening in and of itself. But, that also would happen when I smoked a lot, too. So I chalk it up to healing, and my brain finding solid ground again, as it's kind of a day on, a day off, right now with memory issues. I virtually NEVER got headaches before, and that's the most aggravating, as I've taken more tylenol the past two months than the previous 10 years! I do Tylenol PM and melatonin for sleep some nights, which is kind of hit and miss. Sometimes I'll just be sitting someplace, and bam, a headache will start, usually behind and under my eyes, like a sinus headache. Sometimes, they only last an hour or so, sometimes they are low grade all day and night. Sometimes, it feels like the more REM sleep I get, the worse the dreams and nightmares, but I DO have some semi normal, not much dreaming, or pleasant dream, nights of sleep, which is encouraging.

I get to thinking, is this really going to last 1-2 years? I'm not sure I can take that long, and hit the wall of discouragement at times. BUT, the symptoms ARE fewer, and farther in between, as most people here attest too, so I try to concentrate on the positive. I remind myself, if pot has done this to me, why would I ever consider going back?!!

I have not told my long time physician, or seen a doctor, as my severe debilitating symptoms seem to have passed, and I imagine he would prescribe anti something or other drugs, and I don't want ANYTHING more that messes with my brain chemistry. I've always had great blood pressure, and that concerned me the most, I didn't even check it for a month, as it just caused me more anxiety. When I finally did check it every day for a week, it was still higher than my normal, but within normal range, which reassured me somewhat.

Thanks again for your kind reply, it really was cosmic it would come this morning! It's pretty easy to feel alone when going through this, and helps to know others are fighting the good fight, too. All the best.
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Postby Hayhay123 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:49 pm

the universe works in mysterious ways !! Lol

I think it’s just one of those things that we have to accept with giving up something like weed.. I myself ask myself what was the purpose? What value did it add to my life NOTHING!!

I’m also the same with the blood pressure it’s a scary thought but I’m pretty sure it’s normal for it to fluctuate when the anxiety is there but I haven’t taken mine either in a couple of weeks because it gives me more anxiety/palpitations....

All of these things/this process is like being on rollercoaster emotionally and physically draining but I think with the pandemic etc it’s only heightening the effects of the withdrawals because everyone’s usual routine is out of whack especially if your still in lockdown in your hometown.

The brain fog comes and goes for me too some days are better than others for me too it can be very disheartening because it almost feels like one step forward three steps back but with any psychoactive drugs it’ll take time for the brain to come back to it normal state at least that’s what I’ve read... I also have those pressure headaches almost like a fullness in my left ear makes me feel very uncoordinated almost like I’m gonna faint/fall over super annoying!!

Hopefully this process isn’t as long as some others I’m praying to god that it gets better I’ve read some experiences that are a lot worse than my own currently which I guess is lucky for me lol

Eating right and exercise seems to be the key to feeling better according to a lot of the other forums here so keep on doing what your doing I feel like the human brain is constantly looking for the negatives or explanations to why we feel this way then we just hyper focus on one particular thing which prob just heightens it idk I’m not a doctor or but we are all on this journey together I guess!!

Glad to hear your symptoms are becoming less frequent gives me hope for my timeline when I get to the point your at but as I said in my previous reply everyone’s timeline is different hopefully it’s not as long as 12 months and we come out the other side at like 7-9 months I know that’s how long it takes for the lungs to recover a bit once’s you quit smoking so maybe then it’ll be far less noticeable in everyday life!

We can do this!!! Keep on fighting the good fight! :)
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