Just quit after 15 years heavy use

Postby spotofsun » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:43 pm

Hi, I'm just looking for some support in quitting cannabis. I stopped two days ago but using CBD (no THC) to help me. Every time I get a craving, I smoke the CBD. I read on a medical site that it is the best supplement for aiding in quitting and in fact, it helped my cravings enough for me to get off THC. And I really am not very excited about the CBD - it's just something to replace the cravings, so I know that I won't get addicted to it. But I've read many of these posts and no one has mentioned it. Any thoughts on that?

I got to the point of smoking so much that it was interfering with everything. I can't imagine the PAWS being any worse than the addiction. I was waking up every night around 2 - 3 a.m. and stay awake for an hour or two, actually quite upset about it. That has been going on for a few years. Many times I would just get up and then go to bed at 7 pm. I haven't had much of a social life as a result. I've spent so much time regretting smoking when I did, reviewing all the things that happened during the time and wondering if they were my fault. I was way nice when I was high (mostly always) and people have taken advantage of that. Of course, my daughter also got addicted and is now trying to quit at the age of 24. I've made a right mess of my life so if anyone is reading this, wondering if they should quit sooner or later, my advice is sooner. I get heart palpitations, static brain, memory problems, and...have any of you all had this, where you dream but just a snippet that loops and loops, usually some math problem or something really insignificant and troubling? This is not PAWS, this was me when I was using.

When it went legal in my state, I got a card and then it was much stronger and so readily available, and legal of course (!) - but my side effects got worse. I'm looking forward to getting my dreams back (I already had one nice one, and one not so nice) and feeling normal again. I've quit in the past and went back after a few months because it seemed no one noticed or cared and I missed the feeling. But my tolerance is so high, I don't get the high feeling anymore so the good of it has faded considerably. And actually, at my age (50), I'm too old to keep this up.

Here's some good things about quitting:

The time goes by soooo fast.
I'm not craving more every twenty-thirty minutes
Good dreams
Save $300 - $400 a month
My eyes look pretty - not red
Less paranoid about people judging me for being high
Hopefully I'll be more motivated and get my book finished - right now i have to force myself to do anything and I don't enjoy what I'm doing
Not dependent on anything, so better health
Less mistakes at work (fingers crossed)

So, if you're reading this, please send me some good quitting vibes. It's only been three days.

Thanks <3
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Postby Winzu » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:09 pm

Quitting any addiction is the best thing you can do for your self. You are 24 years old, still very young. It would be a waste of life to spend your twenties or even thirties high. You will cry in regret if you do not quit this time for good.

Withdrawals will be extremely tough, especially PAWS. I hope you persevere through it like many others have. Be prepared to be in for a long run.

There is so much to be, do, feel and experience in life. It would be an insult to the people that believe in you if you do not live your life to the fullest. I wish you all luck, keep us updated with your journey brother.
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Postby spotofsun » Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:10 am

Thank you for your note and your support. I've always tried to do this on my own and now trying to be more vulnerable so I don't feel so alone with it. I appreciate your time.
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