Will My Shocked Neighbor Girl Resume talking to me Ever?

Postby Saansu » Tue Apr 13, 2021 5:03 pm

I am 16 years old boy from Thailand, My father didn't have good relations with Mom, He gave Divorce to Mom and he got Married Again, I have two Older Sisters, One is 19 Years old and other is 22 Years old and she has a boyfriend too, My Mom always wants me to follow her instructions and obey to my both the sisters as well, she asks me to do all the house works and even to help my Sisters, My Sisters take advantage of my Situation and try to bully and Dominate me, Sometimes they even ask me to iron their clothes and clean up their Rooms, I feel irritated and if I don't do as they want, then either My 22 Years old Sister or Mom call to my Sister's boyfriend at home and asks him to punish me by pulling and yanking my penis and don't stop even if I starts Sobbing or Crying,

There is a Neighbor Girl whom I like much and She is My Crush, She also used to talk me a lot, She comes to My home every evening to go for a Dance Class with My 19 Years old Sister, Two weeks Ago one day when she came in my home, She Coincidentally came in the Room when My Sister's boyfriend was punishing me, he had me Nude and he was yanking my penis brutally and I was Crying , that neighbor girl got Shocked to see this and she immediately went out with My 19 Years old Sister to go for the dance class and I don't know What My 19 Years old Sister told her about what She Saw But from the Next day She Stopped talking to me and she just ignore me, I could not explain her My Situation because of shame and embarrassment ! :|

Can she start talking to me Again like before? Or She don't want to keep relations with me Now? Also how can I fix this issue Peacefully with My both Sisters? or My Neighbor Girl has dumped me for forever?☹️
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:07 pm

Back under another account I see. Go explore your fantasies in a fetish forum.
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