Self Understanding is the Key to Happiness

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How many of you feel that the effect of watching some motivational videos about “Self understanding” or reading any inspirational articles on the internet or going through my blog doesn’t last very long? Even though you are thoroughly enjoying it while you are going through it, but when it comes to your real life, you get stumped. This has been asked of me several times.

The thing is you don’t have to mug up what I say ‘word’ to ‘word’. It’s not gonna help you in any way. (Except if you wanna stick it to someone else and boost your ego.)

Declutter Your Mind

This should not be the goal, because then you will get confused. Let’s say you read a book on the same topic that you read an article on, then you will start relating and associating it to what I said or what you heard from someone else about the same issue. This would ultimately tangle you up and create unnecessary ruckus in your brain.

Whatever you read here or anywhere else, your priority shouldn’t be to just stuff things in your brain but instead try to analyze the thought process behind it, how the person tries to find solutions to a problem, how to see the problem with the right sight, instead of just feeding in the words.

In fact, this should be the goal everywhere; if you are watching an interview of some famous personalities, then don’t just focus on what they say but try to analyze the thought progression behind it. Otherwise, all this will be just another source of entertainment that will make you feel good about yourself but it won’t actually change anything.

Understand The Bigger Picture

Most of the people here either just get temporarily motivated by all this or feel good about themselves, and some try to boost their egos, thinking they read something wonderful and now they can share the ‘unsolicited advice‘ to the whole world.

Most of us get cobbled up in these minuscule things only. The ideal way is to walk along with the thought process step by step, connecting the dots, and seeing things from different perspectives (especially your own).

Then the bigger picture, which is what I intend to share, will start becoming more clear, and then you can also see the problems in your life with the same thought process and simplify it effortlessly because now you are using the tool of ‘Self Understanding’, which is probably the best there is to tackle anything and everything in LIFE.

Break It Down

The best quality to do something big is to keep it simple. No matter how enormous the problem looks, you gotta break it down into simpler sets in order to overcome it. Which, if you have been paying attention is how our bodies also work, they break down complex substances into simple sugars for easy and hassle-free digestion.

Whenever you get overwhelmed by a problem, simply write it down on a piece of paper. The problem, your supposed action plan, the pros and cons of it, everything. But how many of us do that? Most of us get wrapped up in our brains only, ultimately succumbing in front of the devil.

We don’t stay with a problem long enough. We just want the instant solution. Instant gratification. Needless to say, that’s not the proper way to look at the problem. The more patience you have for a problem, the healthier your understanding of the solution, and the more effective your actions are.

This is what the right ‘self-understanding’ actually is!

We tend to get agitated if we face a problem and we want to get rid of it ASAP. We become tensed and start reacting in an unusual way. If you wanna really get rid of it, then you have to stay with it. This is the real essence of meditation.

Is your Life Becoming Better?

And how will you know whether your understanding is getting better than before? Simple, the more effortless your life becomes, the more stress-free you feel, the better your ‘self-understanding’ actually is. But on the other hand, if you are putting tons of effort to handle a situation, you are filled with negative thoughts, and taking a sh** load of unnecessary stress, then that means there is plenty of room for you to improve yourself.

So, to put it simply, you basically just gotta observe your life peacefully. Try to stay as long as you can with the problems and not because you just wanna get it done with. A scientist never observes a problem with patience just to get the answer out of it, because then there won’t be any discovery. Only what was previously stored in his memories would come out of it.

If you think that just thinking about the problem will get the answer for you, then you will only get what you previously discovered. You won’t find anything new this way.

Even Albert Einstein also said,” You can’t solve a problem with the same level of understanding that created it.” So, what does it mean? This means that we need to develop a new level of understanding. And how to do that? Like I said before, patiently observing the problem and staying with it, not just for the heck of it but to actually discover something new.

Self-Understanding is the Answer

Why do I keep nagging that ‘self-understanding’ is crucial and blah blah blah every now and then? Well, to put it in a nutshell, because this is the permanent solution to every problem known to mankind. Period.

If you could just fathom what you actually are, from deep within, then the satisfaction you will get from there will be INFINITE. You will be able to express whatever you want to and no power in this world will be able to stop you. And self-understanding demands a lot of patience and calm along with some excitement and enthusiasm.

What do you think about my tagline anyway? (‘Believe it or not, you are Infinite’)

I know most of you won’t be able to digest this but still, I wanted to put it out there because there is no greater truth than this that deep within you really are INFINITE. We all are.

Of course in the transactional/surface world we might all be struggling and suffering for all kinds of things, and that’s all right. I just wanted to at least sow this seed deep within your subconscious mind to let it grow. And this is not some metaphor or pun, it’s the ultimate truth of life. To make you all actually experience it is what I strive for. This is probably the best takeaway you can get from here.

I know most of us won’t accept this, and 99% of those who will accept it will take it in the wrong way. But even if that 1% can understand what I am talking about, then that would be really awesome. Whatever you see around yourself, it is not different from you, it’s all a part of you. Everything in this world is happening for you. Rain, clouds, sky, rainbow, the flora and fauna, everything!

It’s all Happening in You, for You, and by You

If we can start understanding things in this particular manner, and then observe the world, then we will see a whole different picture around us. You will start seeing things that everyone else is overlooking.

If you can see it this way, then there is no way to experience sadness. If we are all connected deep within with each other, then there’s no way to feel gloominess or loneliness. When your understanding about who you are becomes absolutely clear, as clear as the font of this page, then nothing is left for you to do to harness happiness. You become ‘happiness’. You become ‘love’.

After this, you won’t be affected whether you doing something or not. If you are doing something then you can do it with your full potential without worrying about success and failure. If you are not doing anything, then you can sit for hours and observe what’s going on deep inside you. It won’t matter if you are crying or laughing at the outside, from the inside you will always be at peace.

The Real You

I have faith that today this thought will get implanted in at least some of you guys, who later on, may or may not ask the pertinent question, “WHO AM I?”. And once the answer to this conundrum starts becoming clear, then you will be completely independent of everything, or in my favorite words; you will be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

If one hypothetically squeezes the universe, then what will come out of it is the real you. And once you realize this, then the misconception that you have fed on for all your life that “I am this body” will straighten out itself.

It will become crystal to you that your body is like an instrument to express yourself with. If you keep misinterpreting your body with your true self, then all your life, you will just keep on comparing yourselves with others and live a shallow life by accumulating materials around you. After you deeply understand that everything is already yours and everything is inside you only, only then you can really discover the real potential of your instrument and explore all the possibilities of it.

Whatever the instrument can do, the highest possibility of this body, you shall be able to do it all. You can do it all, you will do it all. Now that we have established the fact that self-understanding is the ultimate key to happiness, how can we develop this understanding? Many of you must be wondering that people only spend time understanding external things like their jobs, their relationships; so how can one deepen his self-understanding?

Understanding of the Self should be the Priority

Self-understanding is understanding your body, your mind (feelings & emotion), and all the way up to your soul.

To believe that your feelings and your emotions are in someone else’s control, then you will be completely helpless, as you have made yourself a prisoner now. If you believe this, then all you can do is a futile attempt to change the person next to you. The more you try to change someone, the more you will piss him off, because no one wants to know that they are wrong.

Most people who do learn from their own life experiences, learn it just for the heck of it, at a very superficial level. They don’t go to the root cause of it by giving it some ample amount of time. Firstly, most of us don’t learn from our mistakes only, and out of those who do, the majority of them learn in the manner I just told.

The day you truly start applying the lessons you learned from your past experiences (both good and bad), that’s when you actually start growing, for real. If you could just understand this, then this itself is called a deeper understanding of the self.

Understanding the Obvious

Now if you can’t even understand and take care of your health, then what is all this talk for? People who can’t even understand their skills to be financially independent, then you can’t really expect them to comprehend the deeper meaning of lives.

Those who feel lonely from the inside, first gotta strengthen their relationships in order to get to the next level of self-understanding. If you actually want a better life, then these 3 are the most important pillars on top of which something even more beautiful and stunning can be constructed.

How do you balance all 3? Again, understanding. I really can’t emphasize it enough guys. Make mistakes, don’t be afraid of them. Just learn from them and stop criticizing yourselves by setting some monumental expectations, again and again.

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, if you don’t make enough of them, you will act in a very conservative space, which may instead of pushing you forwards, throw you backward in life. This learning attitude, coupled with a great vision can take you to places you can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams.

As long as you can’t balance those 3 pillars I talked about, everything else is rubbish. I can’t teach you that, neither can any book; you gotta act on your own, see what’s working and what’s not. Try new things, double down on what’s working and cut what’s not, in every sphere of life. As simple as that.
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Hi Infinity, Did you make a wrong turn? This is an Anger Management Page. Maybe you should find some New Age and squeeze this "Know Thyself Paraphrase" between the thing on Crystal Therapy and the other thing Tarot Cards.
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