Weed, 10 months

Postby Nelson80 » Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:58 pm

Its been a bit since I've posted here. For 20+ years I was a daily stoner, during a large part of that I was also an alcoholic. My favourite was to mix the two. Back in 2018 I stopped drinking and have been sober from booze since. This lead to some pretty big improvements in my life but little by little I realized that if I wanted to experience my full potential and to quell the negative that weed brought into my life I would need to quit that too. I was a heavy consumer of the pro-weed kool-aid and drank it by the gallon but I knew deep down that there was a better way. One June 14th, 2020 after staying up too late and getting too stoned I missed a day of work. This was not the first time I had missed a day of work due to weed and it was the last straw. I didn't get high that day, or the day after that, or any day from that point forward. I'm approach 10 months. Cannabis recovery was not a pleasant journey, especially in the beginning. The first two weeks were tough and I had severe anhedonia for the first few months. Somewhere around month 5 or 6 things started to change for me. I started feeling better. Normal day to day life started to become fun and enjoyable again and my mood was much more stable. From there on things gradually continued to improve and are still improving to this day.

Facing all of the fears and my flaws and working to address those issues has been one of the challenges since quiting weed. I used it to cover up so many things over the years but now I have the ability to face and deal with the built up negatives.

Life is life and everyday can't be awesome but I'm in control now and participating in life instead of watching it pass by as (what seemed like) just an observer. It was a long journey and it took a lot of psychological work and effort to get to this point. Being part of this group over the years helped me to achieve and embrace sobriety. Thanks to all those past and present who have contributing to helping me improve my life.
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Postby Winzu » Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:35 pm

You are doing great brother. A cleansed life is purely blissful. What symptoms are you still struggling with?

Also, when was your alcohol PAWS over?
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Postby Bootstrap » Mon Jul 19, 2021 7:16 pm

Any update ?
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