7 weeks weed withdrawal!

Postby Hayhay123 » Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:26 am

Hi everyone,

I found this forum after looking for answers about my withdrawl reading that some of my
Symptoms are being felt by others makes me feel at ease a bit more...

I quit cold turkey about 7 weeks ago after being a heavy smoker for almost 3 years it was gradual use at the start but once we went into
Lockdown I started smoking heavily 3/4 joints a day I was going trough about 10gs a week

The night before I quit I was at a “friends” house and had taken part (peer pressured) into having some drinks (I don’t usually drink and only really drink on special occasions) they also had some cocaine which I have tried in the past but didn’t like again peer pressured into partaking as they said I’d be a buzz kill if I didn’t stupid I know...

Anyways the next few days after I tried smoking and my body went into an anxious state of shock.. after I smoked for the first time after the night I’d drinks I started sweating almost like a green out but this was way more intense probably the worst one I’ve ever experienced. I thought it was because I was coming down from the alcohol and other drugs so I told myself I’d wait a day or two I tried to smoke again after a day without smoking and again felt so sick my body was literally rejecting the weed... so I decided enough was enough and quit cold turkey.

The first week 3-6 days was hell I felt so out of whack...I had intense diarrhoea, anxiety was severe/ panic attacks, heart palpitations my blood pressure was super high (reading in the 150/100 mark I have access to a bp monitor at home which only made me more hyper focused on it) I kept feeling like I wanted to take it after talking to my doctor she told me to stop taking it at home and I made an appointment with her to see her.
I then went to see the doc about a month after I quit got general blood work done to check for thyroid problems they came back normal, I had a stool sample taken and it came back clear too.
She says all of the symptoms are apart of the anxiety from the withdrawals

At about week 3 I started feeling dizzy and off balance like I was gonna faint also feeling pressure/fullness in my ear which I’ve seen other people say they’ve experienced.. I’m also feeling tingles in my extremities which comes and goes.

By week 4 My appetite is back to somewhat normal and diarrhoea has disappeared but the anxiety is still there it’s like it comes in waves almost....

From week 5/7 I’ve still been feeling dizzy and uncoordinated still anxious but not as bad as the first few weeks but I’ve been exercising a lot more and trying to eat cleaner so I feel like that’s helped a lot. I used to have such a sweet tooth but now the thought of anything sweet scares me I had a really bad panic attack that was triggered by sugar as I thought it would help me not feel so weak/lightheaded(it didn’t) but I’m slowly reintroducing it back in I find in smaller doses it’s not as bad but I find that refined sugar is worse for the anxiety than natural sugars...also can’t drink caffeine as it sends me over the edge!! Not that I really did before other than an occasional energy drink. I took half of an anxicalm2mg tab (benzo) every other day at the start of the process to try help combat the anxiety and it seemed to help but haven’t taken anymore since bc of how addictive they can be and the side affects associated with them.

I wasn’t an anxious person before (other than the normal everyday things) b4 using so I feel like it’s crazier now.. I’ve also been getting weird zap or like cold chill feelings in my brain almost like there’s a tingle?

my doc said rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s so true! time is the real healer here I guess?

I’m just wondering if anyone has had anything similar to me or any advice on when it starts getting better I know everyone’s experience with PAWS is different but I’m hoping someone can shed some insight on the symptoms I’m feeling and if they’ve felt anything similar...?
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Postby OptimalHappiness » Tue Apr 27, 2021 9:25 am

Hi Hayhay123, personally, I don't have a similar weed-related experience, so while I can't relate, I saw many posts on this forum on the same topic. I know you already read some of them, but I recommend reading even more. After all, many answers to your questions were already given there.

Also, personally, I've been dealing with a different addiction in the past, and I went to a sort of AA meeting, but not for alcohol. I mean, there are so many of them for different things, including weed. It was hard for me to go to that meeting, but I met so many people with similar problems. There, almost no one had the same problem as me, but many had a similar problem. It was great and reassuring in that way. As such, it may be hard to force oneself to do the same, as obviously, most of us don't think we need to go these people, especially if after 7 weeks of cold turkey. However, instead, it may be the best place to visit.

Thats all I got.

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