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Postby Leo Volont » Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:03 pm

Hello Everybody,

I came up with what might be a good incremental addition to our Anger Management arsenal. An Anger Management mantra. For those who don't know, mantras are syllables, words, or phrases traditionally repeated audibly or silently in order to derive some spiritual benefit. the Transcendental Meditation Corporation popularized the concept in the West. Often people use mantras to help them meditate. But what I was doing with them was de-spiritualizing the concept and the "mantra" I used to fall asleep was just silently counting up to 100 over and over again. The way it works is that the wandering mind can't really focus on more than one thing at a time. Initially there is a struggle between wayward thoughts and the count and when the count finally wins then you fall asleep after a while because the counting is so boring. With real mantras you also fall asleep but they call it Samadhi so you think you're getting your money's worth.

But I also was once taught the principles of auto-hypnosis and when you are very close to sleep, especially in that hypnagogic phase when subconscious imagery bubbles up, well, that is when you are most suggestable. At that hypnagogic stage the ability to keep repeating the mantra begins to break down but, in terms of auto-hypnotic suggestion if it is still going on at all then it successfully made it to that Borderland State between the Conscious and Subconscious mind.

So I decided to try a simple Anger Management Mantra which is still not solidly formulated yet. What I use is along the lines of "It's Good to Be Calm" or "It's Best to Remain Calm" or "Being Calm Is a Good Thing". Who knows, maybe variety is a good thing here.

Does the idea show any effectiveness in terms of Anger Management? Well, I did have one small issue. One of my older cats, whether from natural senility or because he's had too many operations in his lifetime and the Vets are not as careful about Oxygen Blood Levels in cats as they are for people, well, Old Foxxy has taken to YOWLING about every little thing. And I am a budding Mathematician and often need to concentrate. Foxxy was quite annoying. I was chasing him under the kitchen counters. But since I started using the Mantra, well, I seem more ready to engage with Foxxy and find out if he has any reason for yowling that I could help with. If not then he often yowls now just so I will open the doors for the kitchen counters which he might prefer to being left out with the other 6 cats. But perhaps we can get some feedback from somebody who has more serious issues he or she is dealing with.

But if you already need a way to break through wayward thoughts when you are trying to get to sleep, AND you have Anger Management Issues, then instead of "counting sheep" make up some kind of a short and sweet Anger Management Mantra for yourself.
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