Anxiety Disorder or PAWS? 5 months off weed

Postby dresco089 » Tue Apr 27, 2021 3:27 pm

Please hear out my story, any advice or if anyone experienced anything similar would be great to know.

The few weeks before I quit, I started getting leg pains/ tingles everytime I smoked, that feeling even lingered when I was sober. One night I was smoking and the pain/tingle really intensified to the point that I passed out and followed by convulsions which according to my friends it really looked like a seizure. I quit cold turkey after that for 10 days. I had really bad headache, insane anxiety and was sleeping a lot. (Doesnt look like typical acute withdrawal phase right?). I smoked again and had a similar reaction, but this time it really freaked me out, I felt dissociated, everything around me looked distorted, colours and lights were dimmer, it felt like I watched the world from a POV movie. I didnt touch weed again and it's been 5 months now.

From what I've read, those leg pains that I had were apparently warning signs of anxiety, and that 'seizure' and dissociation event was due to the anxiety tipping over board. Can someone confirm that?

Since I last smoked I've been struggling with literally all the symptoms of anxiety: tinnitus, head pressure/headaches, chest pains, tinglings in limbs, hot skin, eye floaters.. and the worst indigestion. I literally could not eat anything nor digest it, had really bad constipation and bowel problems in general.

Month 3 into quitting, I went on lexapro 10 mg and I'm much better now. Anxiety is still here (head pressure and headaches, floaters..) but somewhat under control. Indigestion and bowel problems were 100% due to anxiety as they are nearly dissipated since I've been on medication. So it's been 2 months since I'm on medication, 5 months since I quit weed.

I know it's a very long post and i appreciate it if you made it til here. Am I experiencing PAWS or did I trigger a latent anxiety disorder from weed?
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Postby john5:6 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 6:10 am

I’m at month 5 too. I’ve been doing better these days, but still have a long way to go. I’m having good days, but horrible nights. I used to vape heavily at night, so the body seems to go on a short circuit at night. I get jolted back awake with chest pain and panic attacks. My sleep is destroyed and that makes everything worse. I quit cold turkey in November 2020. I upped my vape dosage to 1 cart a week and had a painful zap in the back of my head which sent me into a full blow panic attack. I never had panic attacks before. I was coping with a friend’s sudden death from a brain aneurysm, and numbed myself in potent carts. My PAWS started at week 3 after quitting. Month 1 and 2 where an utter hell which I can’t believe I was able to survive it. I became sleep deprived and started having convulsions and seizures whenever I went to sleep. I was given Ativan IV which got me to sleep and stopped the seizures. Thank God I haven’t had any more seizures since then. Quitting cold turkey sends everything into shock. I think we will be alright as long as we don’t relapse. The anxiety keeps diminishing with time.
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Postby panosPanos » Mon May 03, 2021 5:08 pm

Hello guys

Im 1 month weed withdrawl

Im aware i dont have a problem or i belive so,
but im having constant thoughts about anything

like i didnt had enough time with parents, brother sister, didnt live the past as much i wanted,
those thoughts gone now

2 days ago i was stucked again, i was talking to my parents and i was thinking numbers, ecpecially their age, but then i tried to think other numbers

that passed, today im thinking nonsense thoughts of my mother cutting her self or throwing knive to me but i know its something fake, and it doesnt make me anxious cause i know its not real

im just trying to engage with these thoughts and change them a little bit till they fade or till i focus on something

is this normal?
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