Seizure from weed

Postby dresco089 » Sat May 01, 2021 3:35 pm

I was a regular smoker for a year and took many tolerance breaks before and never had any problem, with insomnia being the only issue. However I was forced to quit due to me experiencing a seizure while high.

The last few times that I smoked prior to me quitting I experienced some weird and atypical physical symptoms of anxiety: pain behind my knees, tingling/pain in legs. They kept intensifying every time I smoked until I had a really bad reaction/seizure. I remember my leg pain was getting really bad the last time I toked and I told my friends that were with me that something was wrong. What my friends described was that I passed out, had convulsions (tonic-clonic--->seizure), then a blank stare for about 20sec before i regained consciousness. I do not remember anything from that event only the moment i came back to myself.

I have experienced syncopes multiple times before and are pretty familiar with it, this was nothing comparable. Since the seizure I had a really bad migraine and brain fog (where I couldn't even articulate words properly). They lasted for 2 weeks until I decided to smoke again to see if it would make things better, I was very wrong. As soon as I toked , I had similar reaction, but this time it really freaked me out, I felt dissociated, everything around me looked distorted, colours and lights were dimmer, it felt like I watched the world from a POV movie. I went to bed to lie down where I had a seizure again and passed out. I woke up 2 hrs later with the same brain fog and migraine. I didn't touch weed again and it's been 5 months now.

Since I last smoked I've been struggling with literally all the symptoms of anxiety: tinnitus, head pressure/headaches, chest pains, tingling in limbs, hot skin, eye floaters, brain fog and the worst being indigestion. I literally cannot not eat nor digest anything, have really bad constipation and bowel problems. I also have sleep disturbances where I wake up after having slept only 1-2 hours and this just worsens the anxiety, so I end up being sleep deprived which in turn worsens the anxiety as well, a vicious cycle.

Does someone have any insight on my situation? I thought of PAWS but it seems unlikely. I have been on many forums and haven't seen anything relatable. Doctors just tell me its anxiety but I want to understand why I had those seizures/reactions with weed, so please I would kindly appreciate any kind of opinion or advice.
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Postby tokes » Sun May 02, 2021 5:46 pm

Over-activity or over-stimulation in the brain can result in seizures. It can't handle all the input and it just malfunctions which ends up in seizure like behaviour. You often see it in professional gamers who game non-stop for hours on end and the sensory overload results in a seizure. Most are benign and I would listen to your doctor when he says it most likely related to anxiety as even emotional factors can cause seizures.

I hope you take these unfortunate events as a sign that weed is not good for you and that you have to stop. You've done really well so far with 5 months and things usually begin to ease up for many people are month 6. PAWs does in waves however so just try to take it as it comes. All the symptoms you've described so far are inline with classical PAWs symptoms.

If it would put your mind at ease, get a second opinion from a doctor and tell them about your marijuana use and the seizures.

Take care friend,

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Postby dresco089 » Sun May 02, 2021 6:45 pm

Hey Tokes, really appreciate your reply. Things are slowly getting better. I've been on 2 month of lexapro 10mg, and it really helps. I was very hesitant but the indigestion/constipation and bowel problems were killing me and I couldn't take it anymore.

My doctor thinks that I triggered a latent anxiety disorder as when I last smoked and had the seizures, my state of mind was already very strained and weak... it just made things worse. He doesnt think its PAWS as it doesnt really correlate with my situation but idk... will try to stay off the meds for least time possible though.
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Postby john5:6 » Mon May 03, 2021 1:10 am

I’m at 5 months too, I had seizures during the first 2 months when trying to sleep. I became extremely sleep deprived and everything went downhill from there and ended up in the ER with some Ativan IV which got me to sleep for 16 straight hours. This helped with the seizures, and at some point during month 3 they never came back. I’ve had to use Ativan 4 to 6 times during these 5 months, with the longest use for 10 straight days starting with 1mg daily and a slow taper to 0.25mg. Benzos are not to be taken lightly as they can get you addicted in the blink of an eye, it is only a last resort thing when it gets unbearable.

I really recommend that you take the seizures off your mind and don’t stress more about it. As I read from your post, they went away, so did mine. I still get other persistent symptoms; malaise, feeling sick like with food poisoning, joint/bone pain, extreme fatigue, nausea, poor sleep, lack of appetite, weight loss, depression, throat pain, stomach pain, reflux, digestive issues (I’m constipated most of the time with normal looking poop, then I get loose yellow stool), trouble getting a deep breath (I feel like yawning a lot and I can’t get that “full lungs feeling”), derealization during nighttime, sometimes stuff looks like if I’m inside a video game, panic attacks that pop out of nowhere, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve been so many times to different doctors, all kinds of blood tests, ultrasounds and CTs of almost every organ, and I just kind of gave up because they can’t find anything significantly wrong that could be causing all those symptoms.

I’ve been having like 2-3 good days a week lately, like 75% better days. Its definitively an improvement over full time doom since this started. Don’t pay attention to the “you now uncovered a panic disorder you always had” stuff. It will keep getting better, I’m really looking forward to that 6 month mark. I think I may already be getting to that turning point.
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