PAWS At 7 Months - The Anxiety Alone Makes Me Wanna Kill Mys

Postby themostunkind » Sun May 16, 2021 12:33 am

7 months still dealing with PAWS. Anxiety feels like at an ultimate worst right now. Everything makes me irritable. I keep having belligerent thoughts against myself and others that drives me into madness. Brain still feels pretty foggy I kinda used to the fog at this point no matter hos frustrating it is. Just the constant stress is hurting my mind and body. Almost everything overwhelms me to the point I feel like I became autistic. I can't the outside world at all. I hide in my room all day and night not wanting to be found. I find most people to be a**hole with complex emotions. It's just too much to deal with. These are one of the days where I really wish I could be drinking my sorrows away right now. This feels like PAWS at it's worst. I keep having dreams of everybody deprecating me. Tell me I'll always be worthless and never amount to sh**. It just keeps making me feels worse. I can't even escape the hostility in my dreams no more. This is has been absolute He'll beyond imagination for me. I can't even relaxed at all not even in my own body.
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Postby ikex » Sun May 16, 2021 10:14 am

That sounds awful, friend. First off, congrats on 7 months off of alcohol. If this is how you've been feeling for a while now, I would ask, are there psychiatric services near you? Maybe that could be beneficial for you in terms of maybe getting on some kind of medication or therapy to help you feel better or change your thinking patterns, but I'm not a doctor. Or maybe you've tried that route already. Just know that you do matter. You are one of the universe's beautiful unique creations and it would be a shame for you to go to waste (sorry if that's not your cup of tea or too cheesy)..

If your condition is not too serious, an app that I've discovered recently is woebot. It's sort of an AI chat bot app that can help you keep track of your moods and gives short lessons in cognitive behavioral therapy. It's a little shoddy at times but maybe you could find some use in it.

I hope you can feel better soon and sorry if this wasn't much help.
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