Day 7: Quitting Smoking Weed

Postby lalallaaidk » Thu May 20, 2021 12:30 am


Today I feel the best I've felt in 12 years. I know its crazy how quickly things can change but I smoked HEAVY every single day multiple times a day. I think smoking also affected my mental health because I can honestly say for the first time ever I don't feel depressed. I felt trapped in my childhood and then I smoked all throughout my teens and I guess I was never able to really appreciate where my life is now. I actually feel happy.....and last night driving home from work I realized I didn't feel that lonely feeling that I've felt for so long. I almost cried happy tears. I didn't know if that feeling would ever go away and it feels so good. Today I didn't feel overwhelmed by every task like I usually do. I did get the feeling of wanting to smoke right before sorting my bills cuz I would always smoke before sorting my bills haha I don't think it was that I really wanted to smoke exactly but more like It's what I usually do so I got the feeling of wanting to but I easily got over that and sorted my finances. So happy to not feel overwhelmed today. So happy to not feel that lonely feeling for what feels like the first time in my life and because of how I feel its making me motivated to create something again and I'm excited.

How I feel today
Still have a migraine, still feel this tired feeling in my head but its not as bad as when I was smoking.
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