Anyone get weird urinary symptoms? 4 months off weed

Postby ultralobster » Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:04 am

Hi I've made a post on here before but I'm back lol hooray!! So ever since I did quit smoking (did like 1g a day at least for like a year) in Feb I've had weird sh**. At first I had all the good stuff like night sweats, sweaty palms and fingers, achey muscles and joints (esp in my jaw), SUPER vivid dreams (still have those), erectile dysfunction (not anymore), heavy feeling in my chest (still here), trouble staying asleep (still here). Brain fog/general dissociation (still here), visual snow (still here a bit)

But the most vexing symptoms have involved like irritation in the penis and like a wet feeling on the head along with a tingly scrotum.

It all has come and gone, it started in Feb. I was using weed oil. A LOT of it, I had QUIT smoking at the end of Jan and was using the oil till mid feb and had some tinnitus and trouble sleeping at first of course. But then at the end of Feb I went insane thinking I had an STD and then these symptoms appeared. Basically penile irritation inside of it, and scrotal tingling. And a wet feeling in my boxers which is really annoying. It's all been really annoying. It went away a few days after starting in Feb, then it came back, then went away. Then on 3/13 I made the mistake of smoking again and it came back a couple days later.

I first thought it was an STD because it felt like the symptoms of gono or clamydia (like discharge) but I don't have actual discharge. All my tests are negative for sure. I don't have prostatitis or ANYTHING physical going on bc I've had every single test imaginable done including a CT scan. My urologist doesn't suspect anything. Anyway it went away in April which also made me think it was weed-related but then it came back in May when I freaked out about STDs again.

Also accompanied with this was having to pee frequently BUT that has been super sparse. I only had to pee a lot for like, 3 days I can count in between now and Feb. I don't have to pee frequently and my sex drive is back at this point. I'm still frustrated though because its been about almost 3 months since it all did return, though things have kinda dropped off. Still have some mild tingling and some penile irritation but the wet spot feeling is annoying and pretty present. Also like a weird sensitivity by the pubic bone. But no pain while urinating or anything. There's also sometimes tension around my tailbone and in my right thigh (which was aching for a while but not aymore)

Just curious if anyone has experienced this stuff. I'm 4 months and a couple days clean completely. At this point I sweat a bit easy, I'm exhausted all the time, and my chest is still heavy, and my dreams are super intense and my sleep is fragmented because I wake up frequently. Not to pee, I just don't stay asleep very long.

The urinary stuff though has freaked me out and driven me insane. At its worst it was like a leaky crawling feeling that was SUPER distressing. Now its like a transient irritation. Anyone have any experience like that during PAWS? There's literally nothing physically wrong with me and this kinda is a little different every day, like it'll peak sometimes during the day and sometimes not even be there at all. Nothing really changes it or triggers it, like drinking coffee is fine, ejaculating is fine and doesn't hurt, eating spicy food is fine... it's just been maddening because I want my normal body back and want this to be temporary. I'm trying not to dwell on it and hope I heal but it really vexes me and I can't help but have it in the back of my head all the time even while working. It's got me extremely depressed about my life and future :( Any input is super appreciated.
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Postby Exstonerchick » Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:53 am

Dude! I’m a chick and have had similar symptoms which I’ve also posted about here but haven’t gotten any replies. I’m about 8 1/2 months weed free and about a month or so after quitting I noticed some really odd tingling down there. There was so much going on with my body because of withdrawal I kinda ignored it at first but then the volume turned up to wholly unavoidable levels. Terrified AF, I went 2 gynecologists and multiple pelvic floor therapists (yes that’s a thing) thinking I had something awful called pudendal neuralgia. But then, after putting the PAWS symptoms and kitty tingling together, I saw a top OB/GYN at UCLA who said no, not neuralgia. I timidly asked if she thought there was any connection to PAWS and GET THIS - she said because there are more endocannabanoid receptors in the pelvis than anywhere else in the body it’s absolutely possible my issue is PAWS related. It’s just that the research doesn’t exist to support it so no one can say 100%. She drew the parallel that her son-in-law is currently going through MJ withdrawal with major anxiety like me, and, like many dudes who quit, he’s also dealing with low libido and ED. Proof that quitting weed does dirty work in the pelvis.

I’ve had so many physical, muscular and nerve-related PAWS issues that are really manifestations of anxiety I’m pretty convinced this unfortunate symptom falls under that category. It’s definitely dissipated over time but is still here. Sometimes it appears out of nowhere when I’m minding my own business, sometimes it’s provoked. For example I’m totally sensitive to alcohol because of PAWS. But I had some wine for my birthday a few weeks ago and the tingling appeared. Also, just returned from a day in wine country and I’ve definitely had some southern fireworks today after 2 calm weeks. Drinking also makes my muscles tight, thoughts and heart race, makes me irritable, and notches the **** up out of my anxiety - total PAWS trigger. The weird pee thing happened to me too about two months into PAWS. My whole kitty felt like it was on fire, then I had the urge to pee all day but couldn’t. It was only one day, but I remember it vividly.

I also get aching/buzzing around the tailbone and pubic bone which is why I think the thing about the whole pelvis / endocannabanoids and not just the genitals is legit.

I’m seeing an awesome pelvic floor therapist now who truly believes if I can get a hold of my anxiety this nether region tingling will one day be a memory. Breathe, relax, meditate, and try not to get sucked too deep into the vortex of PAWS. **** weed. Who knew a little green could unleash such hell!?!

I know you weren’t expecting a chick to pipe up but I hope this helps. I’ve been desperate to find someone with similar symptoms and I’m surprised it’s the opposite sex as well. Mother nature’s a trip! Congrats on your quit so far and be well.
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Postby ultralobster » Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:12 am

Thank you so much for the response! I had NO idea about the pelvic region having so many of those receptors. I guess it also explains why I'm having such weird stuff happen down there, as when I would smoke so much I would usually pee a lot. I remember the first time I quit in 2020 (should have stayed quit in hindsight), I had to use the bathroom a LOT on my fourth day. But anyway thanks so much that's really helpful and reassuring actually. When it first started at the end of Feb it was TERRIBLE, like a zapping feeling inside of my you-know-what and super uncomfortable.

When I relapsed in March it actually totally went away for that day-and-a-half that I was still kind of coming down from the high. then came back. I was having ED and super low libido as well! And in April it all came back pretty hard (no pun intended lmao) and symptoms went away, then when I got super stressed in May it all came back. At the time of my typing this, it's been a weird few days. The genital stuff was mostly gone this past week but yesterday and today I've felt some irritation for sure. But also I've barely had any sleep the past 2 nights, with EXTREMELY vivid dreams and feeling heaviness in my chest and pressure around my eyes from how exhausted I am... so maybe I'm going through another wave.

I'll be honest, I consider smoking again because I wonder if it would cure me like what happened in March... but then I remind myself it would be only temporary in that case. I don't want to live my life with a crutch so I'm determined to keep going. I just feel very depressed as I haven't been doing much in my life besides working at my current job (which I love). And I didn't expect a chick to have input like this but I REALLY appreciate it, it's super helpful and I haven't really found any people online matching my experience... I'm just thankful to not be in any real pain. I know it could always be worse so I'm trying to remind myself that this can't harm me and that I'll be okay in the end. Thanks though and congrats on 8.5 months, that's excellent.
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