50 days off cannabis suffering from hand tremors

Postby TryBeingOptimistic » Sat Aug 21, 2021 8:18 am

Guys I’m sorry in advance for my English it isn’t my mother language.

I’m 26 years old been smoking for 10 years straight mostly bongs lately joints I quit 52 days ago and I wanted to share my symptoms and hear some advice from you since I feel at the lowest point in my life it’s very important to mention that I started smoking out of curiosity and never as a runaway when I was sad or angry I always skipped smoking most of the years I was smoking 24/7 last two years it became night only

I started suffering from hand tremors which ruins my self confidence I barely sleep at night there’s nights I can’t sleep at all and the longest I could sleep since I quit is 4 hours my anxiety goes up and down and my mood also I suffer from heart papilations and became very needy which is the exact opposite of me
Last days I can’t sleep at all and last night I got to a point im so depressed that I sat and wrote suicide letter and planned how to execute it I feel so ashamed of it but this is the truth

Im running a business with my family so I can’t show any weaknesses especially because my family is very criticizing people I don’t know how long I’ll be able to take it anymore

Luckily I feel no cravings at all I have a deep understanding of how cannabis effected my life

Im very known person in my town so I can’t just go to therapist and get help and I don’t believe any of them have any helpful experience with cannabis withdrawal

How long will it take to get over this thing?
Im exhausted

I tried magnesium for my tremors but it doesn’t seem to help and I can’t live with it please tell me there’s some way to fix it
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Postby Rockszee » Sat Aug 21, 2021 5:21 pm

I am 9 months off. I don’t know about the hand tremors, but nothing surprises me with withdrawal from this stuff. I am still grappling with heart palpitations and anxiety. I was diagnosed with Cannabis induce Panic Disorder. I have to take anxiety meds or my heart palpitates continuously. That being said. Time. That is the only thing that seems to be the answer. I am better than I was 9 months ago. But I still have bouts of feeling like death. There is no hard and fast answer with what we are all going through. And if you can’t go to the doctor and possibly get something to help the tremors, waiting it out is your only option. It will get better. The first 7 months were hell for me and I only used edibles for 1 and half years as medicinal, not to get high.
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Postby Rockszee » Sat Aug 21, 2021 5:29 pm

Also, I am so sorry you are going through this! I feel very much compassion for you as it was not that long ago I felt as you do now. I will be praying your hand tremors get more manageable and your anxiety lessens.
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Postby john5:6 » Sun Aug 22, 2021 7:16 am

Don’t worry about the hand tremors, I had constant shaking and tremors in my whole body during the first months. It got much better with time, now they are only muscle twitches. I have to tell you that anxiety will make you fall into an endless loop. You will get anxious because of the tremors, it will cause you more anxiety, then you will have even more tremors with more anxiety and it will continue like this until you freak out. I also want to tell you, I used to think just like you. I’m a business owner, many people look up to me, and I was scared of what was happening to me and what people would think. I was wrong to stay quiet about it. Nobody saw any weaknesses in me, instead they got to look at my human part. I found so much support and understanding even in people I thought they couldn’t care less of what was happening to me. Bottling up what you are experiencing is not the right choice, I’m sure there are people around you that love you more than you actually know. Suicide ain’t the answer either. I know first hand how difficult and sad this is, but it is only a phase that you can overcome with time! I assure you, that no matter how bad it is right now, it gets better and you will be back to normal if you stay away from drugs. If you look at my old posts, you will see how extreme my case was and now those extremely dark days are gone! I know you will beat this! :D
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Postby just_PAWS_ » Mon Aug 23, 2021 4:15 pm

When my insomnia peaked at two month mark (weed paws) I had to confess my situation to my parents and to my healthcare and I have no regrets. I hope you will get understanding and the support you really need. Don't be too harsh too yourself. Time will heal.
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