I've just quit cannabis, caffeine, nicotine, help with mucus

Postby quittingcannabis » Fri Sep 17, 2021 8:22 pm

Hi there,

I have been having pretty bad withdrawal symptoms within the last week and wondered if anyone could give me any tips for clearing mucus. I did manage to hock up some phlegm a few days ago and it really helped for a few days but now I've got pretty bad in the top of my throat.

For clarity, when I quit last Wednesday, I smoked twice over the next two days but barely. Like half a joint and felt sick and didn't want to do it. To that end, I already had some problems with my throat and oral dysphagia. I have a long history of TMJ problems. I don't currently live near a GP or dentist that I'm registered with and I appreciate that's not great but I'm in the process of doing something about it (I live in the UK, which for now at least, still does have the NHS).

I ended up having a massive panic attack, convincing myself I was dying of something unrelated to CoVid, and went to the hospital A&E. I have since tested myself and came back negative on a lateral flow test, plus, I have none of the CoVid symptoms, just general 'Smokers' Flu' type symptoms. But I'm worried about catching it on top of feeling like this.

Anyway, the really tough bit is dry sinuses from years of smoking and not being able to clear out the very top of my esophagus. It's been like this before, I've even quit before and it was like this, but it feels so dry. When I've seen a doctor before, other than steroidal sprays. I just want some reassurance that a lot of people can feel a lot worse before they feel better? My experience quitting cannabis about three years ago for about six weeks was actually pretty great, I had just a lot of psychological problems but felt alright for the most part. I'm going to see a dentist to try and resolve some dental issues I have from smoking and hoping that will help too.

Sorry if this is rambly, but the mucus is making me feel pretty lightheaded and concentration is hard. I know a lot of these symptoms improve and my anxiety has completely gone away (I know, amazing right? Some people talk about anxiety for months but maybe because I'm an anxious person anwyay, I actually feel quite calm and happy all things considered..).

One good question I've just thought of if you want to TLDR it, is for anyone else with sinus issues and find/have found they're affected by mucus during withdrawal, did you find it got worse before it got better (but it definitely DID get better) and just keeping myself as healthy as possible is the way to go? I'm drinking water/a water drink with electrolytes to help with the diarrhea I've been having, I'm avoiding fatty and fried foods, sugary foods, not drinking caffeine (obviously) and going out for a (pandemic friendly) walk every day with my partner. I'm trying to avoid crying and keeping positive with meditiation.

I worry I gave up too much too soon, lol.
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Postby quittingcannabis » Fri Sep 17, 2021 8:26 pm

One thing I will note is that although my sinuses feel 'stuffier', they also feel a lot more 'wet'. And my mouth, while it is and can get very dry, does not seem to be anywhere near as bad as they have been.

Again, I am going to a doctor but having been seen by A&E, where they listened with a stethoscope, I know I have nothing wrong with my lower respiratory system at all.

Oh and I'm 29 years old and have been smoking tobacco for about 12 years, cannabis for 10/11,
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Postby Candid » Sat Sep 18, 2021 8:05 am

Mucus production is one way in which your body eliminates junk. It's a natural process and nothing to worry about, nor is it any reason to consult a doctor.

You can speed up the process by drinking nothing but water, and lots of it. Exercise is good as well, but don't try to run a marathon if you haven't run a step for years.

I worry I gave up too much too soon

It's never too soon to get healthy, and that's what you're doing. Congratulations!
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