Postby Elpino91 » Tue Sep 28, 2021 5:55 pm

Hi All,

I believe i have PAWS but wanted to share my story with you to get your thoughts on it.

I have been smoking cannabis for around 12 years - (18 to 30 years old) with the last few years smoking daily but very small doses ( for example 80% tabacco / 20% weed).

In July I decided to try and stop smoking - i didn't really experience any symptoms until week 2 when one night i couldn't sleep, felt very weak and thought I was about to faint - ended up having diarrhoea. Never really felt like my true self and feel dizzy regularly since then. Sleep wasn't great but nothing too bad. I also would like to point that I ended up having a couple of tokes after i got ill (maybe 2/3 times) All this time i thought it was related to my stomach but got everything checked out and all good.

Near the end of august i went on holiday to see family where I ended up smoking small amounts again until I had one joint with my brother and i ended up having a bad trip - the outer body kind of experience. His weed is homegrown so not strong at all. But nevertheless this was the final straw for me . This was on the 29th of August - so i guess this is my first proper month sober. Since my bad trip i've had loads of different symptoms

Waking up with the fear like something is wrong
OCD symptoms - scared I would hurt someone or loose control
Anxiety - about everything and nothing - as soon as I get over one anxiety it's like my brain is looking for something new. I could be in the car and i start overthinking everything ( am i crazy etc etc)
Mood swings - like today i was really positive and then other of nowhere i end up being annoyed / any for not particular reason - thankfully it passed
Headaches mild
Sleeping difficulties - wake up constantly and not able to sleep again - vivid dreams as well
Wake up with the fear
Intrusive thoughts - hurting people / loosing control ' what if'
Heart Palpitation.

All the above were really intense for the first 3 weeks since my bad trip in august. I have been seeing a hypnotherapist and as well as meditating which have helped massively. Things are much more bearable now but I just wanted to know if this was potentially PAWS ? I don't seem to have waves of bad days but it's more like i could wake up feeling good and then suddenly it's like i remember all the above and I start having anxiety again.

Thanks in advance everyone
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Postby PowerOfMyMind » Wed Sep 29, 2021 3:05 pm

It sounds like paws to me. You may still be in acute withdrawal though too. Unfortunately time will tell here how things pan out. Try to remember it will pass and you will heal in time
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Postby Elpino91 » Wed Sep 29, 2021 3:28 pm

Thank you for reply @powerofmymind !
I meant to say ‘if this is PAWS ‘as I’m still experiencing all this symptoms but much more bearable at the moment.

I just find it amazing that long term PAWS is not a known medical condition !!! But it’s been great to read various stories and support from this forum !

I’ll keep you posted on my recovery- stay strong everyone !
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