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Postby callietallie » Mon Oct 18, 2021 1:13 pm

I am 2 weeks off of about 4 years of daily use. I would smoke 4-6 hits off a joint each night. Earlier this year I discontinued my SSRI use of over 20 years and ever since I have not been enjoying the week so much, so I decided to stop. Prior to stopping I had cut way back to only 1-2 hits a night.

I am currently experiencing what I can best describe as rushes of energy through my torso and thighs as I drift off to sleep. That and the menopausal night sweats that returned when I discontinued the SSRI makes it nearly impossible to sleep. I will get maybe 2-3, 45 min stretches of sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it last? Any remedies help?

Thank you.
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Postby Longduckdong » Mon Oct 18, 2021 1:56 pm

Hey man. Hope all is well. I actually replaced my weed fix with drinking a lot more and realized recently I was drinking every night. Last night I decided I needed to stop and didn't drink. Well low and behold come 10 pm I had a terrible panic attack. Feeling dizzy and frequent bathroom breaks. When I finally was able to calm down it was midnight. I laid there but would wake up every 30 minutes till about 3 am. Then I finally got maybe an hour and a half. I am 8 months sober from weed and 1 day from alcohol. I think the issue is our bodies become so accustomed to have some sort of aid when it comes to sleep no matter the vice. Our body kinda freaks out and has to figure out how to sleep without assistance. I wish I had a solid answer because I could use one right now. But last night reminded me of my first few months. Terrible sleep and just overall shitty feeling. It takes time but I'd recommend trying to do it sober to ensure your body resets and learns to sleep naturally. I hope it gets better man. It is still early stages and you have some work to do. Goodluck man.
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