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Postby theforsaken » Sun Oct 31, 2021 11:08 am

I've been in the workforce since late 2006 and I've hated every job I've ever had.

I started at a local supermarket, the first manager I had there was one of the shittiest people I've ever met to this day, but I managed to hang in there and put up with her, eventually she went to q different department and the new manager was cool, but then I started having to serve on the checkouts, which made me just wanna hang myself, I'm not what you'd call a "people person".

Eventually I got so sick of that and also wanted full time, but sure as **** didn't want full time on the checkouts, so I applied for the abbatior in a nearby, larger town. I started there in 2009.

Hated that right off the bat, but still hanging in there, I slowly accepted that work just sucks and it was easier to tolerate. But over the years the people and management changed, there were good periods and bad ones, but in 2017 I hurt my arm in a bad accident, and management's concern for my injury was SUPER, BLATANTLY fake, I wasn't friends with these people, I wouldn't know them if I didn't work with/for them, but they acted like my best friends until I was back at work and off light duties,

anyway my will to keep going in and
working there just never came back, I eventually got fired for taking too many sick days in 2018.

They tried to rip me off too and not pay me out my accrued long service leave and my 4 weeks notice, which I was legally entitled to, but that's a whole other story.

After that I was out of work for a long time just because nothing was available, I lived in a small town and the other bigger town near me wasn't massive either.
But I ended up getting hired at a chicken breeding farm, boy was that something else.

It started off okay, first couple months were pretty chilled out, along the way I noticed something weird with how they pay us overtime, so I asked around, asked some of the managers, no one had a clear answer.
So I figured righto.. they're ripping us off with our overtime and now they know that I know and no one else is overly concerned, so I kinda knew I was a target after that, and sure enough I got fired probably a month and a half or 2 months later.
They ended up sending me to a farm where the boss there was an absolute fuckwit, they knew he'd sack me, and he did. But even that was weird,
It wasn't him that gave me the letter and said goodbye, some other manager from another farm that I worked at for like a week did it. And before that, the lead hand guy (he turned into a cockhead when he got that position as well) told me I had to go see the big boss of all 4 farms and wouldn't say why.
So then I decided well **** it.. I'm not being unemployed for another 8 months or whatever, I'll see if it's cool if I go live with my long distance GF, and it was, so I did, and the rest is history lol.

I've had a couple of jobs here but they were all f***ing sh**. I started a horticulture course so I can hopefully get something that isn't a warehouse or a f***in meat factory, Or chickens..
The last meat place I started at here I just walked out an hour into the second day, because I wasn't gonna stand on a platform emptying out bags of sauce for 10 hours. I used to skin and gut sheep quickly! And I was good at it, years of practice.
And I go to these meat places and that's what they want me to do, stand in one spot opening bags, **** that.
Another meat place I was at for a few months, I didn't like the boss either but at least he recognised I was good with a knife and wanted me on it instead of doing the sh** jobs.

But yeah man.. I dunno what to do, I've never known what I wanna do career wise, I kind of wanna be self employed, I don't want a boss or someone lording over me, but I dunno how to go about that at all. I also don't want to be driving further into the city than I am already. Or driving a lot in general, I really f***in hate driving in this place.

Thoughts? Anyone else agree? Anyone here actually love their job and wanna teach me how? Cause I have to work again soon and I feel like it'll be the same story.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Sun Oct 31, 2021 2:12 pm

theforsaken wrote:Thoughts? Anyone else agree? Anyone here actually love their job and wanna teach me how? Cause I have to work again soon and I feel like it'll be the same story.

I agree. It will be the same story.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter the job or the company, you will actively look for things you don’t enjoy. That’s what you do. You self sabotage.
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