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The last few days, I realised something. I was reading a book by Valentin Falin, which required me to reference 40 per cent of the words employed, in a dictionary. For some time, I was figuring the effort must be worthwhile. Such as enriching vocabulary. Then, finally, I realised the writer had failed to "effectively analyse and communicate information" All his emphasis was placed upon creating, long, obscure, grammatically complex sentences that seemed to wander off in various directions. Ultimately, I was learning nothing of value.
I'm now reading Roy Medvedev on the subject of communism and Perestroika. I hardly have to look up any words. The vocabulary is dry and political, yet the analysis is brilliant.
The point is complex words, I think, are fine when you need to use a scientific, or biology- related term. Yet, using obscure vocabulary for its own sake doesn't equate to effective writing. I'd rather have language that's rich in perception and analysis than confront sentences that run a quarter page long, with the most obscure words.
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