Anxiety, Paws, Flu like, Urge to pee

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1. some informations about me 22.yo (smoking weed daily for last 4years with a little breaks of 2x week and 3x for 1month) now sober for 18day again and now i want to quit completely. (average smoke amount 1g/week, bongs mostly)
2. I also have crohn disease and currently i take mesalazine 1000mg 2xday and imuran 50mg a day.
3. shy bladder since i can remember and bit of social anxiety, tho im in realationship with my girl for 4years now

2 years ago i started experiencing weird symptoms of like i was gonna have a flu(feeling general unwell), feeling i had fewer even tho i havent had, i felt extremely cold/freezing even the room and outside temperature was high af (especialy ma hand, nose, legs was cold af) and i also experiecing breath that when i exhale i feel like its hot) *never had high temperature... (smoking weed at the time), also i might describe it as cold / hot sweats but that last long period of time and some week was better, some worse (my question is that if this can be caused by weed and not only due to of its withdrawal.?? (did somebody experience this?) or if this could be due to medications? /my GI denies it

1year ago i also started experiecing a pernament urge to pee that would dissapear for a week and then come back again and repeat itself, i was anxious enough to visit urologist and they said i have little bit enlarged prostate but that should not cause those symptoms (so im confused if this could be caused by my 29ml prostate) or im just anxious bitch.
(any helpers? xD)

Also what i noticed, I'm really sensitive too weed, if i smoke a little bigger bowl my heart would go crazy and i really needed to calm myself down and say that im okey, but i was stupid enough to continue even tho i think it was giving me small panic attack when i smoked a little more

so to sum it up,
can those flu like symptoms, cold hand/legs/nose, pernament urge to pee be caused by weed (while using) and also in withdrawal? *note im also looking forward to be sober for like a 6+ month and see what that do

another note: weed withdrawal is giving me a kinda bad thoughts, and i kinda feel depressed but not really much, headache and i also noticed my high BP and BMP (idk also if this can be caused by this) but i can eat normally and i also sleep minimum of 6hours but dreams are crazy
i also wonder how long could it take to completely clear my body/mind/mental health from weed (because i believe 30day is just a myth)

sorry for my gramatics, im not living in english speaking country :D

oh i knew i would forget something, i find it hard to pee after sex idk if it triggers some anxiety symptoms or what
+all blood work fine, PSA fine, EKG fine, cardiologist also says I'm fine but my apple watch says my BPM is sometimes 100BMP when im sitting and 2hours later doing same thing i have 60BMP
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