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i have recently taken to hypnosis with more acceptance and openess to it. i have been listening to erotic domination hypnosis tapes. 3 weeks ago, they caused a crazy unusual sensation during my waking life. It felt like vibration/tingling in my face, under my skin, behind my eyes. Everytine i thought about the hypnotist, it caused me to suddenly have these orgasmic facial feelings. Not that i was having orgasms, but the feelings felt overpowering and had me speaking to myself out loud, commenting on the sensation, "oh f#$k", "god d#$m".

This sensation grew strong and then became something i felt a few times a day for several minutes. For it to go away. I would have to distract my thoughts with tv or video games. Anything that removed the hypnotist tape from my mind. After about 2 weeks of this feeling, it began growing stronger and then one day it was a bit more consistent and had me saying "god d#fm this feels good", but also, "i kinda wish this would go away".

At the end of that day which it was strongest and i had wished it would go away, the feeling muted to a mild 20% of what it was before, and in place, i felt this strain of sorts on my left temple. Its been about 5 days now and the strsining feeling persists and the orgasmic feeling also persists but less prevalent than initially. If i allow it to, it will go full force of orgasmic strength again, but i try not to because this straining feeling has me worried.

I feel as if the orgasmic feeling is based off of a muscle in my head that ive never used before and once i became aware of it and its orgasmic feeling, now i cannot turn it off. I feel as if the straining feeling is this muscle remaining in constant use, but is now strained. I feel as if its not a bad thing, but its just a constant strain i will continue to feel until all of the feelings go away all together, but im not a doctor and have no experience and wanted other peoples input on what this could be.

Other things associated with this temple feeling:
-It becomes muted when i put my hand on my left temple or lay in bed with my head on that side against the lressure of a pillow
-This muting of the feeling allows the orgasmic feeling to become louder behind my eyes. Or ill feel something at the top of my head in the middle.

I dont take these head feelings as anything serious because ive felt them before. To me they are just feelings i feel throught the week normally* and i really think its associated to a muscle thats currently being used as i type this i feel a tingling vibrating feeling behind my cheeks, my eyes, my jaw.
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