our nature is emotional

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There is a story that Osho told it ... he tells that there was once ... in a forest of the Amazon jungle ... a centipede very happy with his life and passing by a road ... there was also a traveling philosopher frog that just one day. He rested on a stone ... the centipede was walking happily with life when he crossed paths with the philosopher frog ... the frog was surprised ... he looked at the centipede and could not believe it ... 100 feet moving !! as he did he wondered ... and he did not hesitate to interrupt the centipede's happiness and ask him. Excuse me .. but how do you do to walk with 100 feet at the same time and not fall? "The hundredpieces .. he didn't know what to say to him .. he had never asked him .. he just lived his happy life ... but after that meeting the centipede was never the same again .. and when he continued on his way he began to think about how he did it .. until he got nervous .. he started to stumble and hit the ground .. moral .. no need to think so much .. we have to feel more .. our emotions are our essence .. thought is the last thing that developed in our brain .. neuroscientists say that we are emotional beings who learned to reason and not rational beings with emotions ..
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