want to experience self hypnosis

Postby sleepist » Thu Jan 06, 2022 12:57 pm

I read a lot of books and articles, watched lot of youtube tutorials about self-hypnosis, tried to try it ,
as a result i felt relaxed, fell asleep, sometimes got a buzzing feeling all over my body but could never experience a trance enough to do things that i couldn't do without a trance like
''convincing myself that i need to work'' or
''forgetting my name'' or
''raising my heartbeat'' or
''feel my hand get heavier'' etc......

can someone help me experience self-hypnosis.....
and i dont want to listen about naturally occuring hypnosis states like
everytime i daydream is a self-hypnosis or
everytime i changed my mind is an example of self-hypnosis.....

what i want is ....
1 decide a goal( that i cannot do without a trance ) pre-self-hypnosis .......... for now i dont care what the goal is as long as its something
2 self-hypnotise my self , achieve the goal
3 have that learning/goal-achieve be there with me after hypnosis

thank you
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