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Postby federico91 » Tue Jan 11, 2022 5:39 pm

I think that there are two essential questions that you have to ask yourself to orient yourself in life a bit and those questions are what can I offer the world? and what can the world offer me? It may be that we are not clear about what we want in life ... but through these questions we can orient ourselves a little and be more realistic so as not to generate false expectations and avoid being disappointed in what we receive and even more when we do not know what we want receive .. it may be that what we want is love and the Lord Jesus says that what is sown is reaped therefore if we want love we have to give love .. it may be that what we want is money and the Lord Jesus says that he earns his bread with the sweat of his brow ... to earn money we need to offer a service or a product to society and thanks to that we receive money ... the question we should ask ourselves is what product or service can we offer to the world and what product or service do we want to receive from the world?
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