Struggling making new connections

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I dont where to begin from. 2 years ago something (bad) happened in my life that “shaked” my head and has changed my life since, my point of view about a lot of things, the way i talk and interact with people. Since then, i started feeling less about anything around, i started growing financially and i had the “freedom” and the opportunity to do a lot of things, i was travelling a lot, buying only top brands -full louis vuitton, ordering champagnes in the clubs on the regular, having sex with a lot of good looking women, and generally speaking i was living good because i started having a strong status and a lot of money. Living in a not -economically speaking- rich country, this made me feel like a boss. And i was very young to do these kind of staff in my country. For this reason, a lot of people were looking at me like i am mafia or something, and not a lot of them were talking to me. I had also changed the way i see people like “who the fk is he” or “i can do whatever i like” which is completely wrong. I am saying all these because i have come to a point where (due to this status and life) i find it hard to make new connections and friends. And i want things to change… :( I dont know how to start and keep a conversation going with a normal girl on my age (25), i dont know how to approach new people, i keep losing  “friends” or atleast people i used to know, and i am becoming lonely.. I dont know what else to share i would like to have some suggestions or any help at all would be welcome
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