music as therapy

Postby federico91 » Sun Jan 16, 2022 8:21 pm

It is always said that it is necessary to talk about what happens to us to feel better. Listening to music that reflects our situation is similar to expressing what we feel and without a doubt that makes us feel much better. Nothing better than listening to music to find emotional balance .. if one searches well it is possible to find songs that 100% reflect our situation .. you just have to know how to search .. and listen to those songs to feel better .. another thing that helps a lot .. or at least that helps me it helped a lot is to write everything I felt and thought... that made me feel liberated...
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Postby mjseedscanada » Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:46 am

Music therapy is used to aid in physical discomfort by improving respiration, lowering blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate and relaxed muscle tension. For mental health, this form of therapy is great for reducing stress' common negative side effects, such as emotional and behavioral problems.
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