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Postby federico91 » Mon Jan 24, 2022 11:43 am

no animal bothers to ask who I am? What is the meaning of my life? They already know. There are no questions. There are no doubts. There are no questions. .. these questions continue to grow .. and until the last breath man can change the pattern of his life completely .. he can take a quantum leap ..

once humanity understands that there is no need to simply follow the path that has been followed until the last moment, man can make the brave decision to step aside without someone or something stopping him.. that is his freedom... man is the only animal in existence that has freedom... but in this freedom there is agony and agony in this context means that I don't know who I am... I don't know where I'm going... or why I'm going... no I know absolutely nothing.. whatever you're doing and whether you're supposed to do it or not..

the questions remain continuously...they don't go away...not even for a single moment...the questions never go away...whatever you do the questions are always there...are you sure it's the right thing to do? is this the place you should be? questions do not disappear for a single moment... and this is as deep as anything can be deep in you... in the very center of your being... the agony of man is that he does not know the answers to those questions... that he is unaware of his purpose..that he is completely unaware of his seems as if humanity were an accident..that by some accident we were born into this other other is accidental..all beings they are planned..

existence has a purpose for them... man seems to be totally different... existence has left men in total freedom... once you become aware of this situation... then the questions arise again... and it is I am lucky to feel it. That is why I think that pain is not something ordinary. Suffering and misery are very extraordinary things and of tremendous value for all humanity. Through that agony comes growth and it is remarkable that every fiber of your to experience those questions... you end up becoming a simple question and naturally it is terrifying... you remain in chaos... but from this same chaos the stars are born... then you begin to fill yourself with fear...

it's the dark night of the soul... you start trying to escape your agony... and it turns out that everyone is trying to escape them... always finding ways... falling in love... doing this... doing that... always on somehow committed somewhere... you start something and you don't finish it... when you start doing something else because you are afraid of the void... or the time between those two things... a simple gap of time... of time alone... and the questions that arise... and you start to feel agony... and that's why... you decide to continue with your routine... you keep running and never stop... people start running from when they are born until they die.. don't sit on the side of the road under a tree.. for me the buddha statues..

sitting in a lotus position..under a tree..they mean nothing historically..this has something much more significant..these are people who have stopped running..these are people who have lost their the one that goes the whole procession of humanity... they are true deserters... not the Californian type... that in a few years re-enter... now they are true deserters that never enter that procession again... they find in the I walk through chaos... that same chaos from which stars are born...

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