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Postby penazenka » Wed Jan 26, 2022 4:45 pm

Hi, I wanted to ask if this is still weed paws or whatever...any experiencers?
Been clean off weed 85days, was not smoking as much but I smoked everyday for 3years but smalls amounts (approx.. 5grams/month)
first 60days were kinda weird, high anxiety, health anxiety, cold/hot flashes, urinating frequency etc.,...but sleep was kinda ok 6-7 hours everyday with crazy dreams.
after approx.. 60days mark dreams got better, anxiety almost disappeared, body temp is way better and urinating good.
BUT last 25days, I'm every exhausted and I'm having like energy imbalance or what is it, one time I'm so energic, choking tf of my gf and next I'm lying on bed not even wanting to move and not having energy for anything, its also with for example when I'm bored, i watch netflix, youtube, etc., it like takes energy from me and all my body tells me to do is sleep, i have IBD but its in remission now, but i have planned operation in my small bowel area (ileum) hoping its not the case, blood work is all fine.

I also don't know what depression is and I cant say I if have but, i have been so unmotivated last 20days, feeling like I don't want to get out of bed, so fcking lazy to start write my last big work in bachelor degree. But there are like part of days, like hour/week when i sudden feel crazy motivated, energized and feeling like doing something...
+I'm trying to do some winter sports atm,... 4times i was playing hockey with friends at frozen lake, 2times i was skiing with my gf, it was all fine and everything, but all other time, I'm home stuck, school online, and I'm doing basically nothing but sitting in my room playing and watching online sh**...feel like I'm sick of this and i want to throw PC out of my windows thb..

So my question if any of you, experienced this sudden drop of energy during day, after doing physical or "mental" activities or anything and been off weed some time + if someone can tell me if this is depression or what i should do..

i just wanted to write 1-2 lines but what the hell come out of me. sorry and thanks for responses :roll:
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Postby CynicalTendency » Sat Feb 12, 2022 4:54 am

Ok, don’t know what “choking tf of my girlfriend means,” but I’ll provide my experience. I do know what depression is, and there is some overlap between depression and what you describe, but depression usually involves a negative mindset and feelings.

I had the typical withdrawal symptoms the first few weeks and then some more physical symptoms. The longest lasting symptom for me has been the lack of motivation and lethargy. I’m 6 months in and I have had some days where I’m motivated and energized, but most of the time I’m a vegetable. I thought there may be something physically wrong with me. I even thought that there may be a gas leak making me tired and out of it.

My sleep is not very good, however. My dreams are usually stressful. I get chased a lot, or I have confrontations or people judging me in my dreams. I wake up after sleeping 4 hours each night and it takes me a couple of hours to fall back asleep, if I manage to.

I think the lethargy and lack of drive to do anything is starting to make me depressed. Im used to always doing something, having a side project I’m working on, lifting weights, etc. lately I just work and then I’m a vegetable. It’s hard to even get a shower or do laundry. I work from home so I just end up doing nothing a lot because I don’t have to do anything. Im hoping this improves. I do notice that forcing myself to lift makes me feel much better and I get more energy in a way. That is the only thing that I found works. Good luck man
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Postby Definitequiter » Sun Feb 13, 2022 1:00 pm

You could always try take a multivitamin with iron for energy that might help slightly with energy levels. Im day 12 sober from weed and doing the same currently. Alsi started a thread of my own as a journal if u can take few mins to check it out
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Postby penazenka » Sat Feb 19, 2022 10:33 am

omg CynicalTendency, thats so me....thanks for replying, helps a lot knowing that I'm not alone feeling like that.
btw you also made me smile in a first quote ;)
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