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Jesus, seeing himself surrounded by the crowd, ordered them to go to the other shore of the lake. Then a teacher of the law approached him, who said to him: Master, I want to follow you wherever you go. Jesus answered him: The foxes have caves, and the birds, nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.
We are all the son of man and we have nowhere to lay our heads because the universe is made of atoms and atoms are in constant motion... we have to adapt to an ever-changing reality... we cannot rest on our laurels..

our mind is like a map and life is like the territory... the territory always changes but many times our mental map... our ideas are not... they are stagnant and rigid and that is when we suffer because we are not in harmony with the reality that always changes... we have to question our ideas, beliefs and convictions...

We cannot lay our heads down and believe that everything is as we think and that nothing changes because if we do we will suffer... we have to be willing to change and adapt to changes... adaptation to reality is not passive... it is active. we have nowhere to lay our head

And lastly, the Lord Jesus says that he who loves his life will lose it, but he who gives it will win it. Many times we think of my life... of living my life instead of living the life... and there is a big difference. .
when we say my life we ​​condition it to small limits and it is not surprising that thinking so selfishly we live suffering... instead when we develop a sense of belonging with all life and we intend to live the life... we have no limits... we are more wide

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