Happiness by self-regulation ?

Postby rgsq » Sun May 01, 2022 8:38 pm

Here is a method that could change the individual through the concept of regulation of his own mind:
Wake up in the morning with the feeling of disgust at the idea of feeling confused, a feeling you generate by the keyword "confused...". Then, every time you feel overwhelmed by something during the day, remind yourself of this keyword in order to push yourself not to be satisfied with the feeling of confusion (indicating that a worry is hanging in your mind).
With this reflex, you will quickly condition yourself not to accept being overwhelmed by whatever happens to you. You will more and more naturally force yourself to face the problem in question, whereas normally you would have only done so according to your mood.

By doing so, your worries will no longer be able to pile up in your head, and you will remain serene and confident in your daily life because you are in control of your life!

if you experiment with it, can you tell me what it does? (I need to know if it can be beneficial to others than me)
Thanks !
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